7 Chic and Stylish Ways To Wear Tartan Clothes

At almost every time, when we think of tartans the first thing that comes up to our minds is plaid. But tartans aren’t just “plaids”. This plaid textile is known to have originated in Scotland where it designates a certain clan with a distinctive pattern and color. And the main difference between tartan and plaid, according to designer Scot Meacham Wood via housebeautiful.com, the pattern on the stripes that run vertically is exactly the same with the pattern of stripes that runs horizontally. Whereas, in a simple plaid, the stripes would vary in both directions–whether it’s the size, the color or the pattern.

And this might sound like an annoying repetitive parrot, being repeated for so many times already, but you have to know that tartans could be worn in almost every occasion. Yes, like ordinary plaids, tartans are usually worn as mini skirt for a preppy outfit or as a scarf. And most of the time, we wear them in the standard red and black pattern. But there’s more that this wonderful textile could offer. Here are 7 chic and stylish ways to wear tartan clothes.

Tartan Skirt

Tartan skirts, especially those in the usual red-and-black pattern, are usually worn for preppy school girl kind of outfits. And you have the option to do that, add some grungy element, or you can wear it in another way. Try a midi tartan skirt and black crop top for an edgy and chic outfit.

tartan skirt and printed coat


tartan asymmtrical skirt and boxy crop top

Tartan Shirt

Any type of plaid shirt, including tartan shirts, that are paired with pants have the initial impression of a cowgirl look. And if that’s what you are going for, go ahead. However, for those of you who wants to go a bit more feminine on your outfit with a tartan shirt, I highly recommend pairing it with a midi length flowing skirt. The slick fabric of your tartan shirt gets contrasted with the delicateness of the skirt. It’s just so wonderful.

tartan shirt and sheer checked skirt


tartan shirt and flowing midi skirt

Tartan Dress

You could take so many routes with tartan dresses. There are tartan dresses that have modern silhouettes and clean lines and those will look great for a semi-formal event. There are dresses with a vintage-y feel to it and could also be worn for a preppy outfit. Basically, the silhouette of your dress will determine when and where you could wear them. Also, if the dress has a versatile silhouette, you can amp you outfit up with the garments you’ll incorporate in it.

tartan dress in all black outfit


tartan dress preppy

Tartan Pants

For tartan pants, I recommend wearing one that has a dark or deep shade rather than something bright. A great pair-up to this would be neutral colors, particularly black or white. But you can also look for other colors to pair them with. But it’s better to stick to plain garments. If you do want to go for mixed prints, always remember the mixed print rule of finding a common ground or a similar neutral color between the prints.

tartan pants outfit


tartan dress pants

Tartan Jackets

Tartan jackets aren’t very easy to come by and you don’t usually see outfits with them. That’s because when you’re in a mood for tartan and jacket, you usually think that the tartan is under the jacket and not that it’s the jacket. Like any other patterned or printed jackets, tartan jackets can give color to your outfit, especially those shirts-and-jeans combinations.

tartan jacket


tartan jacket over crop top and mini skirt

Tartan in the Office

For your work outfit, stick to tartans in dark colors and if possible something sleek and tailored. Pair them with neutral colors to keep the outfit looking neat and polished.

tartan pants for office


tartan pantsuit

Tartan in Other Colors

I know that the red-and-black color combination of a tartan is just wonderful. But if you aren’t into that color combo personally, then don’t worry. Any kind of color combination and patterns will look great on you, depending on your skin tone, hair color and eye color so don’t hesitate on choosing a groovier pattern.

tartan dress yellow and coral


blue comfy tartan