7 Chic Ways To Wear A Scarf

If you think that scarves are merely functional garments that are used to warm you up during the colder seasons, think again. You can definitely wear a scarf all throughout the year. Yes, ladies, you heard that right–all throughout the year. Even during summer! It really falls down to the type of scar you’re wearing and what outfit you’ll be incorporating it.

And the thing with scarves is that it’s one of the most versatile accessories there is. So long as you know what to wear with them. That’s why I’m here. Here, I present to you guys, are 7 chic ways to wear a scarf.

  1. Make your scarf stand out
    On a monochromatic outfit–such as all-black, all-white, or black-and-white–you can choose a scarf that will be able to stand out. A scarf of bold colors, prints that are preferably bold and playful too would easily stand out. And this would make a statement.
    red thick scarf over all black outfit
    animal print scarf
  2. Get bright and fun for summer
    For summer, I recommend going for a scarf made of lightweight material and is thin. It’s also an added bonus if you go for a brighter and more fun colored scarf.
    classic scarf and bright outfit
    floral summer scarf
  3. A short neck scarf with a dress is classy
    There is a certain vintage feel and classiness with wearing a scarf along with a simple dress. Especially if it’s a short neck scarf. The tied garment around your neck gives a sense of fragility and femininity and this scheme has been used by women before.neck silk scarf and shirt dress
  4. Give a little feminine flair to a suit
    Since a scarf can add a little femininity to whatever outfit you wear, it’s a great accessory when wearing suit or any androgynous and polished outfit that are usually worn for work. I suggest a lightweight scarf that is long and narrow. The soft material makes it fragile and gentle among so much well-tailored garments.
    classic scarf and suit
    NYFW ss2015 day8, outside Ralph Lauren, elin Kling
  5. Go bohemian by tucking it under a belt
    Create a fake halter dress in front of you by slinging a long flowy scarf on your neck and tucking it under a belt. And while this look great on whatever outfit, the effect is more astounding when you wear an equally flowing dress.
    long scarf tucked under belt
    scarf tucked under belt
  6. Have lots of options when pairing it with a skirt
    There are as many ways to style a scarf as there are kinds of skirts.For long flowing skirts, you can add to the femininity of the silhouette by tying a long flowy scarf. For fitted skirts, go for something straightforward like a short scarf circled around your neck.
    scarf and skirt bohemian style
    scarf and office pencil skirt
  7. Channel your inner gypsy by tying it to a headband
    Since we’re talking about channeling your inner gypsy, you have the easy choice of going all-out bohemian and put on a flowing maxi skirt and dangling earrings. But it’s also great if you have a modern and sleeker outfit. The contrasting effect is amazing, I tell you.
    head scarf outfit
    scarf as headband outfit