7 Fresh and Stylish Ways To Wear Full Skirt

In today’s age of all-out casualness, even in the office, together with the rise of androgynous style you would think that boyfriend jeans and oversized clothes have dominated the everyday wardrobe. But there’s an ultra girly garment that has become appealing to everyone–from celebrities, fashion bloggers and street style muses alike. And that garment is the full skirt.

The full skirt simply has one of the most feminine silhouettes ever. It gives a wonderful shape to the bottom half of your body. Also, it allows you to have an instant feminine and chic feel to whatever outfit you’ll incorporate it with.

Here are 7 fresh ways to wear full skirt.

Feminine Printed Skirt and White Top

An easy way for you to wear full skirt is by taking advantage to the girliness of the garment. Find a skirt with a subtle print or pattern that exudes a feminine aura like floral and subtle palm prints. Of course, you also have to consider the colors of the print. Then, pair this with a white top for an easy elegant look.

full skirt printed and white shirt


full skirt printed floral and white shirt

Full Skirt for the Office

You might have thought that full skirts won’t be appropriate for work when you should be sleek, polished and clean but you could really pull it off. Look for skirts that are made of sleek materials and pair them with tailored and pressed shirts. I advise tucking the shirt inside to make up for the flimsy bottom piece.

full skirt office outfit


full skirt office cubicle outfit

Chic Monochromatic

Because of its already fun silhouette, you won’t find it hard to incorporate a full skirt with a monochromatic outfit. The skirt gives a fun look to what should have been boring while the monochromatic outfit tones the skirt into a considerable level. It’s a perfect match.

full skirt monochromatic outfit


full skirt monochromatic outfit with stripes

An Edge with a Jacket

Full skirts, as mentioned above, automatically creates a feminine aura to whatever outfit you have. You can tone that down and add some edginess to your outfit by wearing a jacket. Either a leather or denim will do greatly.

full skirt and leather jacket


full skirt and denim jacket

Preppy with a Collared Shirt and Sweater

Full skirts usually come with pleats and we all know that pleats is a common indication of a preppy look. Adding the typical collared shirt and sweater to the outfit will give it just that. But to get away from the ordinary skirt and collared shirt preppy style, I suggest going for either a midi or calf-length instead of mini skirts or above-the-knee ones.

full skirt and collared shirt and sweater


full skirt and collared shirt

Cool in Boots

Where jackets create an edgy and cool look to a full skirt outfit, boots give an edgy-chic look. An ideal skirt length for any kind of boots is midi. You could wear a knee high boots underneath it for the fall or winter or an ankle boots during the spring or summer and you’d still look great. This is because midi emphasizes and gives attention to the shoes you’re wearing.

full skirt and ankle boots


full skirt and knee high boots


Ballerina-Like with a Fit Black Top

You could channel your inner ballerina by wearing a form-fitting black top along with your full skirt. The full skirt would be an alternative for tutus. And with the slimming effect of the top and the curving effect of the skirt, it could flatter your body wonderfully.

full skirt and black fitting top


full skirt and fitting black top