7 Modern and Stylish Ways To Wear Slouchy Sweaters

You might be having moments when a shiver goes through your entire body and a chill runs down your spine. Fall is coming! And you know that it’s time to take out those sweaters. From being a regular house clothes that we are uncomfortable to wear outside, sweater has now become permanent part of the cold weather’s wardrobe and is now a fashion staple.

Thing is, it is possible to wear sweaters anytime, anywhere now and with any other clothing. Whether it’s with a skirt or in the office. Just keep in mind that Time, Place and Occasion (TPO) are integral things to consider. Here are 7 modern and stylish ways to wear slouchy sweaters now!

Oversized Sweater as A Dress

This is an easy and chic way to dress up during those times when it’s okay to bare your legs. Of course, you could always wear an over-the-knee boots and/or a pair of tights or leggings if you want to do this outfit on colder days.

sweater dress and ankle boots

sweater dress and over-the-knee boots

Match with a Tight Bottom

A great contrasting effect to a slouchy and oversized sweater would be wearing a tight bottom and a bulky pair of shoes. But with the issue today of skinny jeans having the possible effect of bringing us to the hospital, you can always opt for something that isn’t so skintight.

oversized sweater and skinny jeans

knitted sweater and skinny jeans

Trench Coat for Additional Polish

Another way to contrast the slouchiness and bagginess of your sweater, slip on a sleek and tailored trench coat. The polished structure of the trench coat is so opposite of the baggy sweater.

oversized sweater and trench coat

sweater and trench coat

Tuck Your Sweater in A Flowing Skirt

You don’t necessarily have to pair your slouchy sweaters with something tailored and polished. A feminine flowing skirt would look great too especially when you tuck those slouchy sweats underneath the skirt. You also have the option to simply cinch a belt around the smallest part in your torso-somewhere around your waist. This will help in emphasizing your curves despite the overall looseness of the outfit.

tucked in sweater and skirt

striped sweater and flowing skirt

For The Office

When wearing these baggy sweater top to your work, you have to consider what your pairing it with and the accessories to incorporate to your outfit. Have everything else, other than your sweater, polished and neat. Minimalist accessories such as simple black bracelet or a string of pearls will top off the overall slouchiness of the sweater.

sweater and pencil skirt for office

Preppy and Sporty with Mini Skirt

Go for preppy and sporty with a mini skirt that is showing a few inches below the hemline of your sweatshirt. You can also add more sportiness by wearing your favorite boy’s jersey sweater and sneakers or go more on the preppy route with a chic knee-high boots or oxford heels.

sweater and mini skirt Taylor Swift

sweater and mini skirt

Go Monochromatic

Monochromatic outfits have the tendency to flatten an outfit’s silhouette. So it’s a good thing when it comes to minimizing the obviousness of your slouchy sweater. However to keep from fully covering your curves, go for a fitting bottom and tuck your sweater inside.

gray sweater mnochromatic outfit

black sweater monochromatic outfit