7 Stylish Tips on Wearing Off Shoulders

You can always guarantee a little–or maybe even more than a little–skin showing during summer. When the sun is out and the warm season starts, we want to be fresh not stuffy and summer is the high time to bare some skin. Crop tops, cutoffs and bare backs are just few of the most sought after garments this season.

So while we’re at it, off shoulders are great for summer. This clavicle-framing top is the sweet, sweet combination of romantic and sexy. Also, it’s fortunately flattering to anyone. Here are some tips on wearing this ’80s-inspired trend while the weather is still warm.

Standard ruffle and puffiness – Most of the off-the-shoulder garments are usually ruffled or puffy. And these are what gives off shoulder clothes they’re signature hippieness or bohemian look. Ruffles around your bust will also emphasize your cleavage so this will be great for those ladies who are not so busty. Also, with so much going on with your clothes, you’d want to balance it all out with geometrically structured accessories.

off shoulder ruffled modern dressoff shoulder ruffled dress

One made of white breezy textile – The loose nearly see-through white off shoulder top is one of the common pieces of a festival outfit. So therefore it will be great for summer. You could also use such delicate garment as an unconventional and totally feminine swimwear cover up.

off shoulder all white

off shoulder and shortalls

Create a long indefinite line – Having one single color or pattern or your outfit from top to bottom will create this long flowing line and this will be great particularly for petite ladies. That long flowing line will create an illusion of a taller and longer silhouette. You’d want a pair of trouser or a maxi skirt as the bottom half of your piece to achieve this look.

off shoulder all black


off shoulder dress and slacks match

Show a little midriff skin – An off shoulder crop top can practically be worn with anything whether it’s high-waisted or low-hung. Since it’s summer, you can show a little skin of your midriff. You got the option of going for the casual route by pairing it with a pair of shorts or you can mix some classiness on the outfit with a maxi skirt or trousers.

off shoulder stripes

off shoulder crop top midriff show

The fit-and-loose contrasting combination – Through this lovely combination, you can play with the innate femininity of the off shoulder top. A puffy off shoulder top paired with a tailored trousers that fits snugly to your legs will create a look of cool and feminine. Meanwhile, a tailored off shoulder top and a puffy bottom, like say a full skirt or a wide legged pants, is downright elegant and feminine.

off shoulder top and fitted trouser

off shoulder top and full skirt

Pair the light cottony off shoulder with heavier fabrics – The most common off shoulder apparels are made of the same material as a typical peasant blouse–something light and breezy. If you sport an off shoulder top like this,you can pair it up with heavier fabrics such as leather and denim. And if you’re feeling daring, you can experiment on combining it with textured garments. The point is to have achieve a contrasting effect among the fabrics.

off shoulder top and leather skirt

off shoulder loose top and jeans

Step off the hippie/boho look with a modern and minimalist silhouette – It’s not necessary or mandatory to look hippie or boho chic if you want to sport an off shoulder top. There are different off shoulder pieces in boutiques and shops that are more modern and minimalist. If that’s what you’re game for, then don’t hesitate. In fashion, never stereotype a garment. With a little tweaking, you might be surprised by the many ways you can dress something you once thought is only appropriate for one thing.

minimalist off shoulder dress

off shoulder silky dress and violet shoes