7 Stylish Ways to Wear Birkenstocks

Some fashion trends are seasonal, some come and go, and some tend to stay for far too long than anything else (and yes, I’m talking about denim but who wants it to go away, anyway?). Then there are some fashion trends that were once frowned upon. Like thrown to the dark and lonely “nope” and “don’t” corners of the fashion world. That is, until someone (most likely a world-famous fashion maven) picks it up and brings it back to the limelight where everyone rejoices its comeback.

Birkenstocks are one of those fashion trends rising up this season. Birkenstocks was a great hit during the ’90s when it was heaven for those seeking both comfort and trendy. Until suddenly it just became comfortable and not trendy anymore.

This season, birkenstocks rose to popularity again as it was used on numerous collections of renowned fashion designers all over the world. The fashion world has seen light and potential on this ’90s trend again.

But if you’re not sure about jumping on this bandwagon or just wanted to wear it without losing your sartorial credibility, then here are 7 helpful ways to wear birkenstocks stylishly.

  1. Pair it with a dress – Birkenstocks paired to dresses give a more casual/cool look than when you’re wearing flats or sandals, whereas you just look a tad bit preppy. This match is great for a wonderful balance of femininity and casualness that’s great for summer.
    birkenstock white dress
    birkenstock and long dress
    birkenstocks and dress
  2. Cuff your pants – This is the classic way of styling your birkenstocks: cuffed pants and a shirt. But if you want to keep away from looking normcore, give your hair a little tousle or wear a shirt with more statement in it.
    birkenstock and cuffed pants
    birkenstock and cuffed pant
  3. Dressing your outfit down – Any type of outfit will be instantly dressed down if you wear birkenstocks and while that may be uncool in formal occasions such as work or a business meeting, it certainly is perfect for anything else you’ll be doing this summer from a stroll to the deli or a stroll by the beach.
    birkenstock and trench
    birkenstock and dress
    birkenstock and tailored trousers
  4. Be summer ready – Spring and summer are the times when birkenstocks shine. Just pull off your chicest top and shorts and birkenstocks will do all the work to keep your outfit from getting too overwhelmingly preppy and let it stay cool and loose. Of course. you can still wear these during the fall/winter. just slip on a pair of socks, preferably of the same shade as the birkenstocks, and you’re good to go!
    birkenstock and bahamas shorts
    birkenstock and shorts
    birkenstock and shirt
  5. Shoot two trends with one outfit with overalls – Overalls are trending this season, too. Why not show off and saunter the streets by pulling off two season’s trends at the same time? The key here is to keep it loose and casual, the feel of spring and summer visible on your outfit. You can wear a loose or fit crop top over your overalls for a nice touch.
    birkenstock and overalls
  6. Think minimal – Birkenstocks literally screams casual. It’s best to keep things minimal. Solid colors, plain shirts, denim jeans. Of course, if you want to wear prints, find one that has less volume such as thin stripes small polka dots, etc.
    birkenstock and long skirt
    birkenstock and jeans
    birkenstock and leather skirt
    birkenstock and slacks