7 Totally Chic Outfit Ideas For Fall

The breeze rushing through your spine is getting chiller and the weather is becoming colder. Before you know it, the autumn will come. And that’s…two months for those of you who are trying to keep in track. Soon it will be too cold to wear your spring and summer outfits and it will be time to change the clothes in your wardrobes.

In the meantime, you could still try to incorporate some of your spring/summer outfits in the two months before fall officially starts. But during these two months, you have to expect certain days that are colder than the others. So we’re here to help you choose out the outfits to wear for fall. Here they are.

  • Ponchos – Ponchos is the chicer and more stylish cousin of sweaters. What is so great about ponchos is the slightly flare slightly ruffled hemline and cuffs. Ponchos are also proven to be flattering to anyone. When wearing them, opt for a more tight bottom half of your outfit like wearing skinny jeans or leggings.
    tan poncho outfit
    blue knitted poncho outfit
  • Capes – There is a certain level of polished and cleanliness that capes give off while looking oh-so chic and modern. When wearing a cape-embedded top or jacket, you don’t usually need anything else because the cape itself is a statement that could carry out your outfit.
    caped top Victoria Beckham
    caped top and pencil skirt outfit
  • Multi-colored Stripes – Stripes is a permanent part of the fashion trends and transcends well throughout the change of seasons because of its utter versatility. But for resort 2016, choose multi-colored stripes or stripes that composes of three or more colors. I recommend finding one that has at least one dark color in it. The fun that comes along with multi-colored stripes is absolutely great when you’re in a mood for bold and stylish.
    striped dress Sienna Miller
    multi colored striped scarf
  • Fur Coats – Fur coats are the go-to garments during the colder seasons when we want our outfits to have texture and have an instant statement. Just keep it in mind to wear basic and neutral colored garments with the rest of the outfit. This way, the fur coat will get to stand out among the rest of your outfit.
    fur vest outfit
    two toned fur coat
  • Floral Dresses – Yes, yes. Floral dresses are usually worn for the spring/summer seasons. But they could actually give a little splash of color to your typical dark fall and winter ensembles. Surround your floral printed garment with dark items to further make it stand out. And tights are optional but is very much recommended for the colder days.
    floral dress for fall outfit
    floral dress and tights
  • Bomber Jackets – You might find the lack of style when it comes to bomber jackets so here’s a quick tip for those of you who are thinking such. You might want to know that bomber jacket is a great alternative for leather jackets. There is a wonderful mix of chicness and menswear-inspiration in it too, especially when you slip it over a slim and sleek attire.
    olive bomber jacket on black and white outfit
    brown metallic bomber jacket
  • Mod Style – There is an insane amount of garments in the major seasons’ collections of this year that are inspired from the ’60s and that means the mod style is abundant. It’s time to take out those over-the-knee boots, ladies. Because they’ll look classy and vintage-y with those thigh-length dresses. Tights are, again, optional.
    bold printed coat dress mod outfit
    mod style outfit