7 Wardrobe Staples For A Modern Classic Style

You prefer timeless clothes and looks that will never go out of style. The garments you wear are beautiful but with simple cuts and lines. And you usually wear them until they’re totally worn out not because you’re an overly-sentimental person but probably because those clothes don’t go out of style.

You wardrobe is filled with neutral-colored garments and basic clothes. And, sure, you may not look like the flashiest person in the room with that certain outspoken personality to your personal fashion preferences. But you can guarantee yourself that you will always, always, look good.

If your personal style revolves around wearing garments that have always been and always will be deemed fashionable like a pair of pumps or a well-tailored blazer, then your style is classic. The key to knowing if your style is classic is the timelessness of your pieces. Here are 7 wardrobe staples for a modern classic style.

Buttoned Shirt

Yes, yes. There’s so many ways for you to wear your buttoned shirt. We’ve basically jotted down any ideas we could come up to a few posts here. And, really, the easiest way for you to wear buttoned shirt is through the classic style. There’s no tricks or over-the-top techniques of dressing up your buttoned shirt for this. You can roll up the sleeves or insert your shirttails if you prefer. The gist here is to just keep the entire outfit simple.

buttoned down shirt | Aelida

white shirt | Aelida

Black Tailored Trousers

There is a certain kind of elegance that goes with wearing a pair of black trousers. I would love to throw it into the table that it might be because of the color and the kind of fabric most black trousers are made of–which is silk.

black trousers | Aelida

black pants

Classic Loafers

There is a reason why loafers are imperative for the Parisian chic style. Parisian chic has an element of classic style in it and loafers are just a simple yet seriously stylish pair of shoes. You could wear them with your typical everyday casual outfit and you’ll look instantly posh.

classic loafers | Aelida

black loafers | Aelida

Simple Dress

With simple dress, I meant those dresses that have simple tailoring details with the absence of overly elaborate cuts and designs. Oftentimes, this will refer to plain sheath or shift dresses. If you see the choices of the dresses of the picture below, you would notice how it complements their hair colors so much. The brightness of yellow offsets with jetblack hair while navy blue emphasizes blonde hair. For brunettes and red-haired ladies, I highly recommend deep green shades.

classic yellow midi dress | Aelida

navy blue sheath dress | Aelida

Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is…well, classic. The garment is so versatile and flexible to incorporate into any kind of outfit, whether it’s casual or formal. It is probably the most classic outerwear there is and this is great because we’re hitting for fall and winter.

classic trench coat | Aelida

trench coat and dress | Aelida

Simple Patterns and Prints

Just because your style is modern classic or classic doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the idea of wearing patterns and prints. There are actually patterns and prints that will suit to your personal style. For instance, the simple stripes patterns is an easy pick. As long as you look for clean and simple patterns and prints that don’t come off as loud and are usually in neutral colors, you’re good to go.

Reese Witherspoon printed skirt | Aelida

striped shirt | Aelida

Structured Bag

And lastly, to ultimately dress in a modern classic outfit, the presence of a good structured bag. It is the cherry to the top of a deliciously classic sundae and gives this instant effect on your outfit. Whether it’s a handbag, a shoulder bag, or a tote. The touch of the bag is obvious and very much fitting for a classic style.

structured handbag | Aelida

shoulder bag | Aelida