7 Ways To Wear Floral For Fall and Winter

Floral prints are one of the epitomes of the start of the warmer seasons and it has a lot to do with how flowers typically bloom during spring. But basically, in the fashion world, when you think about spring and summer, you are reminded of freshness and the start of something new. Kinda like flowers blooming after their lifelessness during the winter. And floral prints just have that warmth and freshness to them.

Which is why floral printed garments are such wonderful clothes to wear during fall and winter. They have that warmth and freshness that you would have needed for the colder seasons. But let’s admit that floral for fall and winter just doesn’t look right at all. And maybe those typical pastel-colored floral prints really are not right for fall and winter. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch the idea of wearing floral during the fall and winter altogether.

Here are some ways to wear floral for fall and winter.

  1. Go for darker hues
    The floral prints that are commonly worn during the spring and summer are those of pastel colors or in lighter shades. So go for a darker hue during the fall and winter. The darker colors will actually make the floral garment fitting for the two seasons that call for deeper and richer tones.
    floral dress outfit | Aelidadark floral maxi skirt | Aelida
  2. Layer with tights or leggings
    Here’s an easy way to wear those floral tunics and dresses that are the epitomes of a spring or summer outfit. Wear tights or leggings underneath them. This way you can transition those summer wardrobe staples well towards fall and winter and still get cozied up and warm.
    floral dress and tights | Aelida
    floral tunic and leggings | Aelida
  3. Wear florals as pants
    Wearing floral printed pants will also add up a touch of color and springtime feel to your typical fall outfit. The great thing with this is that you can wear any of your typical fall wardrobe while still being able to wear floral prints. It’s fairly easy to find something to match with floral pants, too.
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  4. Wear florals as jackets or outerwear
    Here’s another way to easily add floral prints to your usual fall outfit. Instead of wearing your typical fall-ready jackets, you can go for a bomber jacket or blazer in floral print. There’s a certain playfulness with that and it also adds brighter color for the deep and dark shades of clothes one typically wears for fall and winter.
    floral bomber jacket | Aelidafloral blazer | Aelida
  5. Try a different kind of floral
    As I’ve mentioned earlier, the spring and summer would usually call for a simple bunch of pastel-colored roses on a white background and call it a day. But for fall and winter, seasons with moodier atmosphere and muted shades, you need edgier, out-of-the-ordinary floral prints. There are so many other kinds of floral out there. Some prints are even somewhat abstract splatter of paints that make up flowers. Basically, get out of the typical spring/summer floral print.
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  6. Pair florals with boots
    Sometimes, all you need is a change of footwear and you can take one outfit from one season to another. To transition those spring/summer floral dresses well into the fall/winter, you need to swap those strappy, nude sandals with punk leather boots or velvet booties. It’s the time of closed shoes, ladies. Unless you want to get cold feet–literally.
    floral mini skirt and boots | Aelidafloral minidress and shoes with socks | Aelida
  7. Cover yourself up
    This one’s fairly basic. You can wear floral prints into the colder seasons as long as you keep the impression of your outfit appropriate for the weather. Therefore, keep yourself covered up. No one gets out of the house in a lightweight floral sundress. Unless they’re wearing a body-fit black long-sleeved top and tights underneath.
    floral maxi skirt | AelidaEmma Stone long sleeved floral dress | Aelida