8 Celebs Who Have Perfected the Street Style Fashion

Celebrities are almost always the first to sport the newest looks and trends in fashion and this is a good thing, I think, since a lot of us look up to celebs for style inspiration. Though they always look super prim, proper and elegant on TV and in magazines, I think one of the things we really like to see on celebs is how they look when they’re off duty because these are the looks that we can easily copy. More often than not, your fave celebs are wearing something from some of the stores you shop in. If not, they’re most probably wearing their own line which, most of the time, is very accessible and affordable for everyone. Here are 10 celebs who have perfected the street style fashion for their everyday off duty looks.

  • Taylor Swift – I just love how Taylor Swift embraces her youth and dresses up for her age off duty unlike other young celebs. Her style is preppy and chic and she never looks too ‘high maintenance’ when she’s off duty.

preppy chic look polka dot dress

  • Kendall Jenner – Kendall’s street style looks are always super cute. She has a way of sporting sexy pieces without looking like she’s trying too hard. Like Taylor Swift, Kendall’s street style fashion is also very appropriate for her age.

weekend street style look

  • Lauren Conrad – her style may lean more on the dainty, girly and rather fancy side but when Lauren Conrad does a street style look, you can count on her to do it real good. Her style, in general, is just something that’s super chic yet also very easy to recreate and I’m pretty sure a lot of women love that.

cute casual look

  • Jessica Alba – despite being a busy mom, celeb and businesswoman, Jessica Alba stays on top of her street style game by keeping up with the trends. Her style is very hip and chic but it’s not too juvenile for her either. If you ask me, Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood’s most stylish mommas.

jessica alba street style

  • Miranda Kerr – of course she’s going to look fabulous all the time, she’s a model for Pete’s sake! There’s just something about Miranda’s off duty street style looks, though, that makes her so posh all the time, even when she’s just wearing distressed jeans and a plain shirt.

gorgeous street style outfit

  • Emma Watson – Emma embodies elegance, even with her street style looks. She may be young but she’s sure ahead of so many other celebs her age when it comes to fashion and style. Truly a style icon to look up to, this Harry Potter star is never to be seen looking sloppy or unkempt.

tomboyish look

  • Selena Gomez – despite all the bad rap she’s been getting lately because of the on and off affair with the Biebs, Selena Gomez remains to be one of Hollywood’s most stylish young stars. Her style is very easy and laidback and sometimes a little sexy, too.

sexy street style look

  • Olivia Palermo – Olivia Palermo is one of those celebs who always has fashion and style figured out. She’s never been seen with an outfit that was off or anything, proving that she’s mastered the street style look, and every other look for that matter, to perfection.

flirty street style look olivia palermo weekend style