8 Chic and Modern Ways To Wear Sundress Right Now

Sundress is the most typical dress to wear when the sun is out and the weather gets warmer. But what is considered a sundress? Sundresses are those that are made of lightweight fabric and usually worn during the warmer seasons.

Because of its material, sundresses are breezy and very comfortable to wear in. Most of the time, it gives off a romantic and relaxed look.

Back at the day, sundresses are most likely in sleeveless silhouette with a fitting top and a circle skirt. But at this age, almost any dresses that are made of lightweight material are considered sundresses. Here are some chic and modern ways to wear sundress this season.

  • Opt for bright and romantic summer hues
    Bold and neutral colors aren’t the only things you can wear for this season. A sundress in soft color such as blush and canary yellow gives off a romantic feel to your outfit.
    sundress and espadrilles loafers
    yellow pleated sundress
  • Slip on some edgy over coat
    Indoors, we have to survive the summer ACs. So throw away those cardigan-cinched-with-a-belt looks. Put some edge to your sundress outfit by donning a black leather jacket or denim jacket. You could also rock it out with a pair of ankle boots.
    Katie Holmes looks summery and carefree as she leaves her lawyers office in New York City

    sundress and leather jacket
  • Go for some preppier layering
    A different way of layering your sundress is by tucking a long sleeved shirt underneath that sleeveless dress. The look is utterly preppy and would be great during those unusually cold days during summer.
    denim dress over sweater
    strapless sundress over rolled up shirt
  • Sport a high neck dress for an athletic/feminine vibe
    High necklines always gives off an athletic vibe. But incorporating in it a sundress results to a wonderful combination of athletic-inspired and femininity. Pulling your hair up and away from your face also further emphasizes a broad-shouldered girl’s shoulders.
    high neck bold printed sundress
    high neck sundress
  • Pick out an unexpected shoe to match your outfit
    An easy way to dress down your sundress is by wearing anything but heels or sandals. Oxfords, Birkenstocks, sneakers…These shoes will definitely make your dressier sundresses more wearable for a casual outfit.
    pink sundress and oxford shoes
    sweetheart sundress and sneakers
  • Wear a dress in a surprising fabric
    Sundresses are usually made of cotton but you can choose other textiles like chambray or even sheers. If you’re going for a sheer sundress though and you don’t want to expose your underwear, go for a sundress in bold prints.chambray dresssheer printed sundress and sandals
  • Turn people’s heads with sundresses in unexpected bold prints
    Usually printed sundresses are floral prints. People will not expect a sundress in tribal or architectural prints so go for those prints. Pair them with neutral-colored accessories preferably black.
    halter sundress tribal print
    bold printed sundress
  • Take on a sundress in a different neckline than usual
    Sundresses are most typically sleeveless with either a sweetheart or scoop neckline. A chicer and more modern way to wear sundresses is by wearing one in either an off-shoulder or bateau neckline. Off shoulders are also flattering to almost anyone and there’s a slight boho-chic feel to it.
    off shoulder sundress
    bateau sundress