8 Chic Outfits Inspired from Tennis Fashion

The Wimbledon Championships just finished last July. Today is the first day of the US Open. And all the hype isn’t just from the amazing athletes and the star-studded audience. Fashion photographers and editors are armed with cameras and notebooks to take note of whatever who wears. Tennis has taken its own form in fashion like no other sports has ever done.

Maybe it’s because of how wonderful those loose dresses moves along with the athlete who wore it or how wonderfully fit that body suit is on that tennis player. Basically, it looks pleasing to the eye of the audience while knowing that it’s comfortable to wear for the players. And in a sport like tennis, there is a lot of looking.

Many athleisure outfits in Topshop’s Spring/Summer line this year are greatly inspired from tennis fashion. And that’s no surprise. Tennis fashion are sporty, comfy, chic and oftentimes preppy. Tennis-inspired outfits give that active vibe on its wearer while looking as feminine as one can.

And with the opening of this year’s US Open, allow me to give you these 8 chic outfits inspired from tennis fashion.

The Two-Toned Dress

There is a certain sporty chicness in a simple plain-colored dress with a simple accent color. Especially when the dress is designed simply and is well-structured. A simple detailing like this could really go a long way and the look is sharp and very polished. And dresses like these are especially great for any casual events such as family picnic or a garden party.

two-toned dress tennis-inspired

two-toned dress Kate Middleton

The Two-Toned Skirt

I would have said that the same goes for two-toned skirt but there is a slight difference. Skirts with accent color can look more than just sporty chic. Oftentimes, it could also look nautical-inspired especially when the skirt is pleated and the accent color is by the hemline. Two-toned skirts could be pretty much fancy-looking too.

two-toned skirt tennis-inspired

two-toned white and navy skirt tennis-inspired

Simple White Dress

For decades, Wimbledon’s dress code for players is widely known for taking the concept of all-white really really seriously. And, hey, that’s okay. Now, we’ll have lots of sporty LWD inspirations to get from. Besides, white dress has really been extremely popular this summer.

white dress and white shoes tennis-inspired

white shift dress tennis-inspired

Standard Polo Shirt

Polo shirts have not only become one of the go-to casual top. It has also become a standard sportswear. You see it everywhere that is even a tiny bit sporty: cruises, golf clubs, swimming pools, resort, courts (the sporty ones). Basically, it’s the dressiest casual top there is. When someone says smart casual, the easiest choice would be to wear polo shirts. And the greatest thing is, it’s pretty versatile.

polo shirt and animal print skirt tennis-inspired

polo shirt tennis-inspired outfit

Basic Sneakers

Sneakers may have etched its way into other environment where, once-upon-a-time, it wasn’t allowed. One example is how you could now wear your kicks to work. But sneakers’ home turf will always be in a sports-oriented environment. For something chic and preppy that’s hugely inspired from tennis fashion, I suggest basic sneakers. And when I say basic, I mean something that’s not wedged or have neon trimmings in them.

white sneakers tennis-inspired

white shoes tennis-inspired

Pleated Mini Skirt

Pleats are one of the main thing people associate with tennis fashions simply because it’s practically sporty and preppy. It’s really a girly article of clothing and the pleated mini skirt is on its chicest and preppiest when in light colors such as white and any pastel.

pleated skirt and white shoes Elle Fanning tennis-inspired

pleated skirt tennis-inspired

White Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals give out this certain athletic feel to the wearer especially when it’s made of rubbery material. But there is a wonderful mixture of sporty and feminine vibe that goes with a pair of strappy sandals that’s low-heeled, bulky, and Birkenstocks-like. It’s also a great way to relieve your feet from those mile-high stilettos.

strappy sandals tennis-inspired

white sandals in all-white outfit tennis-inspired

The Stripes Element

Oftentimes, you don’t necessarily need to wear stripes generally to look athletic. For something that leans more on chic that is greatly associated with tennis fashion, try out a piece that merely has the stripes element. Around the neckline, by the hem, or maybe simply on the cuffs of your shirtsleeve will take your outfit to a chic kinda sporty level.

striped dress tennis-inspired

classic tennis outfit top with striped trimming