8 Cute Ways to Wear Something Blue for Your Wedding

“Something new, something old, something borrowed something blue” – this is what basically comprises a bride’s outfit for her wedding day. It’s like a checklist of what a bride needs to have with her during her wedding day. While not everyone follows this tradition, many still do and it can be quite a challenge sometimes. Something new is easy. It could be your dress or your shoes. Something old isn’t that difficult, too, as many families have the tradition of handing down family heirlooms to the bride (often in the form of jewelry) on her wedding day. Something borrowed can be tricky but it sure isn’t that hard. Something blue, though, can be a bit of a challenge, especially when the color blue doesn’t entirely go with your wedding’s whole color motif. If you’re having a hard time figuring out how you can check “something blue” off your list, check out these cute ways to wear something blue for your wedding day.

  • Your wedding dress – today’s modern brides no longer feel obliged to wear white wedding dresses and we love seeing the variety! If you love blue, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just wear a blue wedding dress for your wedding day. It could be both your something new and something blue so that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Score!

beautiful blue wedding dress blue roses wedding dress

  • Bridal bouquet – if you plan on sticking to the traditional white wedding dresses, though, there are lots of other ways to tick “something blue” off the list. One would be to pick blue flowers for your bridal bouquet.

blue hydrangeas bouquet

  • Brooch – a brooch is a lovely decorative and ornate pin that you can add to your bridal look. Choose a beautiful blue brooch and pin it on to your dress or have it incorporated in your bouquet. You can also use it as hair jewelry.

brooch on bouquet

  • A flower crown – having a summer wedding outdoors? Swap the tiaras and fancy hair jewelry for something more fun and chic like a flower crown. It’s perfect for a casual outdoor summer wedding and it’s also a perfect excuse to wear something blue.

tiny blue flowers on crown

  • Your nails – traditionally, women just like to have something simple, clean and classic on their nails for their wedding day like a beige colored mani or the timeless French tip. If you have no room for “something blue” in your bridal outfit, though, a good thing to wear blue would be on your nails. Go for lighter shades of blue to keep the soft and romantic look going.

beautiful baby blue nails

  • Bridal garter – if blue is not a color that would go well with your wedding’s color motif, you can wear it without anyone else seeing it (other than your groom, that is!). Instead of going for the traditional white bridal garter, get it in blue.
  • Undergarments – one of the most common ways to wear something blue for a bride on her wedding day is to wear blue undergarments. It’s perfect if you don’t want anything blue showing on your actual outfit / look.

bridal satin underwear

  • Shoe sole – another cool, creative and subtle way to wear something blue for your wedding day is to wear bridal shoes with blue soles on them. You can buy them or, if you can’t find any, you can DIY your own bridal shoes!

creative blue sole ombre blue sole