8 Failsafe Outfit Ideas To Wear At A Spring Wedding

We’ve always romanticized spring as this season of new birth and blossoms and with all the romance going on, it is no surprise that weddings are rampant during the season. Thus, the possibility of being a guest at a spring wedding–or two, or five!–is completely inevitable. But with our idea of wedding stretching far and beyond the traditional white kind, it is getting harder to come up with a great outfit. You can’t rely on your favorite LBD forever. And besides, spring weddings usually need a different atmosphere and, thus, a different kind of feel of your outfit than your average black tie events.

We’ve gathered all the typical themes for a spring wedding and came up with these 8 failsafe outfit ideas you can wear at a spring wedding. Enjoy!

Minimalist Sleek

This one’s for the fashion-forward couples who are into minimalist and sleek looks. You want to go with clothes that are simple in tailoring yet are obviously well-structured. Light colors are great for this kind of spring wedding outfit as it emphasizes the minimalism of the look.

sleek outfit sleek dress

Plainly Romantic

This one is for the couple who are all over each other and also when the venue will be somewhere romantic and fresh. Lace and small floral accented details are great to incorporate into this kind of look as these details are often perceived as romantic.

romantic lace dress

romantic floral dress

Bold and Printed

Glam settings in diamond-imprinted places like St. Barth’s calls for bold and eye-catching looks. You have the liberty to choose bright and bold printed dresses that will be fitting in the wedding’s venue. Just remember not to overshadow the beautiful bride in her own wedding.

heart print dress bold print dress

Bohemian Loose

Some couples would want to have a beach wedding and experience the full Bohemian feel of their wedding. For this, you can opt for a Bohemian prints in a maxi dress. Bohemian look is also great for simple beach weddings itself.

bohemian maxi dress

Whip-it Casual

There are some future married couples who would prefer close knit families and have a simple, private, and casual wedding. For this, you can just whip up a simple and casual outfit with a formal dress you have and you’ll be good to go!

lace dress and jacket blazer and dress

Formal Standards

Some wedding couples would naturally want to stick to the traditional look of long gowns and cocktails. And that certainly lessens your time thinking of an outfit. However, you still have to consider the color theme of the wedding, should they have one. If they don’t, sticking to pastel or light colored dresses would do great already.

red maxi dress lavender cocktail dress

Hotel Nights

Sometimes, we’re too busy and we can only attend the reception, right? Well, most receptions are usually held in a hotel and the venue simply calls for an easy to come-up attire with glossy fabrics. Glossy fabrics always work best in any hotel or restaurant events.

glam outfit midnight dress

Gatsby Glamour

If the wife- and husband-to-be are a couple of people who are into full-on glamour or have a Great Gatsby theme of sort for their wedding, then metallic dresses in simple tailoring are your go-to pieces.

metallic gray dress golden yellow dress