8 Great Ways To Wear Gray

Gray is one of those classic hues that as a neutral goes so well with anything. But most of the time, its general effect isn’t as elegant as, say, black or white. Sometimes, we see gray as this dull and boring alternative of black and white. But this year, gray is one of the hottest colors. And maybe it’s because of all the hype it got from recent films like 50 Shades of Grey and the Abnegation’s uniform color in the Divergent Trilogy.

And this year, it’s obvious that you could see the abundance of gray in the runway. Gray is really becoming a hit these past seasons and it’s something we want in our wardrobe. And the good news is: you can actually wear gray in numerous ways, whatever your lifestyle is, without having your outfit look boring! Here are 8 great ways to wear gray.

Polished and Sleek

Gray is an amazing color for a work outfit. It exudes sleekness and being polished especially if the garment is structured and tailored. I highly recommend wearing gray work clothes that are line pressed or at the very least ironed. A sleek outfit is always the best work outfit.

gray matching pairs office outfit

gray blazer and top business casual outfit

Chic and Preppy

Who would have thought that grey could be chic and preppy? Well, it is a neutral color and it does go well with any kind of style. A great way to pull this out is to wear either a gray sweater over a Peter Pan collared shirt or a gray pleated skirt.

gray tweed skirt preppy outfit

gray preppy outfit

Casual and Relaxed

For an easy and relaxed look, opt for slouchy and loose garments. Gray is a dull color so in order for you to not look swamped in your outfit, pair those slouchy gray clothes with something fitting or tailored. This trick works every time.

gray turtleneck sweater casual outfit

gray casual skirt outfit

Edgy Bohemian

Edgy Bohemian is kinda like grunge except less sharp and leans on the softer side. Black and dar shades of gray are ever present for this kind of outfit. And remember that if you are going for something Bohemian, the silhouette of the outfit should be Bohemian. Don a wide-brimmed hat and long flowing cardigan and you are good to go.

gray monochromatic bohemian outfit

gray edgy bohemian outfit Lucy Hale

Comfy Athleisure

It’s fairly easy to dress an athleisure outfit with gray. Gray is a sporty color especially in light, ashy shades. For a comfy athleisure outfit, you can take the route of a loose silhouette or you can also add up a little tailored with a structured trench coat.

gray jogger pants atleisure outfit

gray trench coat athleisure outfit

Pretty with Pink

You would think that pink and gray is the most unlikely match. But, hey, they are actually perfect! Gray tunes down the girlishness of pink and pink dresses up the dullness of gray. It’s the perfect contrasting color effect. And it’s a great color combination for those who wants to add a little femininity to their gray outfit or make their pink outfit more of a grown-up’s.

gray and pink outfit

gray top and pink pants outfit

Party-ready in Metallic

Yes, I’ve said it a couple of times in this article already, gray is a dull color. And dull is not what you want to go for in a party. But you could still be party-ready in gray if there is a hint of metallic to the fabric. Something glossy or glittery that is combined onto your gray outfit will do great and make gray party-appropriate.

metallic gray outfit

gray metallic outfit

Sweet or Sultry

If you are going for the romantic look, especially for a date night outfit, you could try incorporating gray into your outfit. You can opt for a sweet look with a full skirt or a sultry one with a flowing maxi skirt.

gray tulle skirt romantic outfit

gray maxi skirt checked outfit