8 Street Style Ways to Flaunt Your Legs

Having a great pair of legs is something that any woman can take pride in. A lot of women go the extra mile just to keep their legs feeling and looking soft and shiny by shaving or waxing regularly and applying tons of different creams, gels and oils to it and it’s not surprising why. Legs are sexy and showing them off is something we all want to do every now and then. If you are to flaunt your legs, though, make sure that you’re doing it in such a way that you come off as classy and not trashy. Here are some street style ways to flaunt your legs.

  • Skorts – skorts are one of the hottest items to add in your closet right now. They’re super chic for spring and summer but there are definitely looks that you can pull off with it for fall and winter as well so they’re perfect all year round. Skorts are the perfect middle ground between shorts and skirts and sporting them is a perfect way to flaunt your legs in style!

cute cobalt skorts street style skorts

  • Pastel shorts – if you’re looking for a way to show off those toned legs this spring, why not try wearing pastel shorts? They’re very dainty and girly and pastel colors have a very spring-ish feel to them and they’re one of the hottest trends for spring this year.

pastel blush shorts

  • Denim shorts – denim shorts are a summer wardrobe staple and they’re a great way to show off your legs as well! Wear your denim shorts with something simple on top like a crisp white tee so the focus remains on your legs.

summer inspired outfit

  • Mini dress – if your style is more on the girly, feminine side, you can always flaunt your legs by wearing a mini dress. Mini dresses are great for day to night so you can sport one if you have a busy day ahead.

chic white mini dress

  • Overall shorts – not everyone likes wearing dungarees as it can be tricky to pull off if you don’t know what to wear with it and how to wear it but a good way to flaunt your legs and have the look of dungarees is to wear overall shorts. It’s a unique look to pull off and it’s much easier to style than full on dungarees.

denim dungaree shorts

  • Mini skirt – feeling a little flirty? Tease the eyes by rocking a cute mini skirt. Make sure your mini skirt isn’t too short that it looks tacky because then they eyes would go from your legs to the tooshy and that’s not the part you want to flaunt.

sexy mini skirt outfit

  • Leather shorts – for an edgy way to show off your legs, try leather shorts. They’re super sleek and they’re a nice way to get that bad ass vibe going. Make sure you shave your legs, moisturize them and, if you want, tan them so they look super sexy with the leather.

cool leather outfit

  • Jumpshorts – jumpshorts are pretty much like jumpsuits except that they’re sexier and they show off more skin. They’re perfect for summer and it’s a good, easy outfit to pull off anytime of the day. Make sure you try on your jumpshorts before you buy them. You don’t want an unsightly camel toe distracting the eyes and stealing the show from your gorgeous legs!

beach romper shorts spring jump shorts