8 Trending Fall Pieces That Flatter All Body Type

The ber-months are already on its way and the first seven days of September has passed. In less than a month, fall season will officially start. So you and your wardrobe better be armed with all the sartorial know-how that you need to be aware–from the key transition pieces, to the trending pieces for the season.

And if you still haven’t…well, that’s why we’re here. We are packed and ready to give you that one final push that you need to finally shop this coming season’s most viral trends and must-haves. And I have here with me 8 fall trends that will look absolutely flattering on any women of any body type.

Bright Midi Skirts

For when going to somewhere festive this fall, you’d want to keep those bright midis you have for spring and summer in your fall wardrobe. Brights could definitely brighten up an outfit. Just choose a simple silhouette for a universally flattering look.

bright yellow midi skirt for hourglass | Aelidasilk pink midi skirt for petite | Aelida

Culottes and Long-sleeved Tops

Here’s another article of clothing that you could transition on the early days of fall from summer: culottes. But instead of loose and light top, pair it with a snugly long-sleeved top.

culottes and crop top for plus size | Aelida

sweater and culottes for boyish | Aelida

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans may be this year’s most favorite jeans, ultimately overthrowing skinny jeans cumulative popularity. And why ever not? Flared jeans are much more comfortable to wear, it is very versatile and the pants is amazingly flattering on anyone.

flared jeans for petite | Aelidaflared jeans for plus size | Aelida

Little Black Dress

With the wide and long array of choices of design for this piece, it’s impossible to not find one that will suit you well. When worn right, it will definitely look great on you and you’d be able to get away with almost any events in this.

lacy little black dress | Aelidabelted little black dress | Aelida

Little White Dress

Now, LWDs are slightly different with LBDs in a sense that little white dresses are often worn for the summer. But you can try to incorporate little white dresses into your fall outfit through different styling techniques such as layering.

white dress with lacy overlay | Aelidawhite sheath dress | Aelida

Side Slit Top

Tops with slits on their sides are just, hands down, wonderful. It might sound exaggerating to say this piece is a making of an angel, but it’s kinda true. There are numerous designs out there for side slit tops–from simple tops to tunic-y ones. The slits actually give a slimming and curvy effect on your upper torso which, I think, everybody would need.

gray sleeveless side slit top | Aelidablack side slit top | Aelida

Military Parka

Military or utility clothes are too relaxed and comfortable to look at that it makes them so versatile. You can be wearing a dress or a shirt and jeans combo underneath your military jacket but you’d still have that element of laid-back atmosphere. And with its usually huge sizes, it goes well as a comfy outerwear.

military parka outfit | Aelidamilitary parka Dakota Fanning | Aelida

Denim Dress

Denim dresses are also one of those summer trends that made its way into the fall season. I highly suggest going for layering with your denim dress, especially when your denim dress falls right around your thighs. You could wear a pair of tights or slip on a coat or, for sleeveless denim dresses, layer a sleeved shirt underneath the dress.

denim dress and wide belt | Aelidadenim dress layered outfit | Aelida