8 Ways To Wear Calf-length Skirts Stylishly

So what’s the deal with calf-length skirts? How does one knows that one is wearing a calf-length skirt? Calf-length skirts are those skirts that fall a few inches past the knee enough for them not to be identified as midi and at the same time fall short enough not to be like feet-covering maxis. Simply-put, it hits right on your calves. Thus, its name.

Most maxi skirts are lightweight and cotton-made and the midis, while modest enough, expose much of your legs. And these two are, with exception to maxis made in heavier textile and midis worn with tights or leggings, are not what you want for a fall and winter skirt. Since calf-length skirts are somewhere in between the two skirts and is, in my opinion, the most ideal skirt for fall or winter.

But wearing one might lead to looking like those shopping cart or shopping bag ladies you see in the streets or you might look all too wrapped up in a wrong way. So here are some ways to wear calf-length skirts stylishly.

Wear Them With Boots

A very chic way to wear calf-length skirts is to pair them with a snug piece of sweater and an over-the-knee boots. You would look absolutely feminine while keeping yourself warm during the cold days.

calf-length skirt and boots

black calf-length skirt and boots

With A T-Shirt

For a casual and not-so-cold days, get comfortable with pairing your t-shirt with a calf-length skirt. It is also a more feminine way of going comfy and casual. Pair them with comfortable shoes or chunky heels.

calf-length metallic skirt and shirt

calf-length skirt and shirt

With A Crop Top

There is an endless way of wearing crop tops and while you don’t really want to wear this when it’s seriously cold out. It’s tolerable during the last few warm days before fall. And it’s incredibly chic!

calf-length skirt and crop top

calf-length skirt and crop top black

Tuck In Your Top

The technique of tucking in your top when wearing calf-length, or even, maxi skirt, is that this way you are given an additional height. This is especially helpful to those petite ladies out there. Also, it will proportionate the body of a woman with longer limbs and shorter legs.

calf-length skirt and inserted top

inserted top and calf-length skirt

Choose One In A Feminine Print

The silhouette of the skirt itself is feminine. But if you want to add a little more femininity to the outfit and make it a brighter one for the cold seasons, then have those skirts in feminine prints and lacy overlays.

calf-length skirt with lace overlay

floral printed calf-length skirt

Slip On A Jacket

Something a little androgynous on the top half of your outfit will balance out the overall femininity in the bottom half. And slipping on a jacket is the way to go.

calf-length skirt and jacket

calf-length skirt and denim jacket

Wear A Trench Coat That’s Shorter

You don’t want to wear a trench coat that’s longer or at the same level as the calf-length skirt you’re wearing. This will swamp on your figure. Instead, look for one that’s shorter or at most falls a few inches above the hemline of your skirt.

calf-length skirt and trench coat colorblocked

trench coat and calf-length skirt

Keep It Classy And Form-Flattering When Tailored

I absolutely love calf-length skirts that are tailored. It is slimming and form-flattering and, when worn with heels, gives you a boost in the height department. It becomes even more slim-fitting when you pair it with a slouchy top.

tailored calf-length skirt and slouchy sweater

tailored calf-length skirt and striped top