80s Fashion Trends Making their Way into the Modern Fashion World

Fashion is so tricky sometimes. New trends come and old trends make a comeback. One of the biggest comebacks in fashion this year is 80s fashion. The 80s was a very glamorous era for fashion – bright, vibrant colors, flashy accessories and sexy pieces with glam makeup and big hair to boot! I’m really loving the 80s fashion comeback lately because it’s so easy to wear it with the more modern pieces. If you loved the 80s fashion, I’m sure you’re pretty hyped about the comeback. Check out these 80s fashion trends making their way into the modern fashion world.


  • Off the shoulder tops – off the shoulder tops and dresses were big during the 80s. Often times, though, it was the bigger, over sized shirts that were worn this way. Today, the off the shoulder trend from the 80s gets a more modern twist. You’ll see it on more structured tops and dresses and on more well-fitting pieces, making it very sexy and stylish. You can wear off the shoulder tops with skirts to really get that girly look with a very subtle princess-y vibe or give it a casual, posh feel by wearing it with jeans. Either way, off the shoulder tops are one of the 80s fashion trend comebacks that I’m sure a lot of women are going to love.

off the shoulder dress chic lace off the shoulder top

  • Acid wash jeans – the acid wash jeans that we know today are not the same acid wash jeans from the 80s. What they had back then were unflattering, baggy jeans that looked worn and faded. Today, though, acid wash jeans are super cool. We have more of straight cut and skinny jeans, to begin with, and the acid wash look is just so much better. Acid wash jeans are perfect for casual outfits. You can also wear them ripped and distressed with your street style outfits.

stylish acid wash jeans outfit

simple acid wash jeans outfit

  • Neon colors – one of spring 2014’s hottest trends. neon, was actually very popular back in the 80s. Before, though, they were worn in a very loud and vibrant fashion, being teamed up with other bright colors and even with other neon colors. Today, neon gets a modern touch. They’re worn more subtly and minimally so they add just the right pop of color to a chic outfit.

neon yellow shorts cute neon pink purse and shoes

  • Big, chunky earrings – today they’re known as statement jewelry but back in the 80s, big, chunky earrings were the norm. Everyone’s ears help up large, heavy earrings back in the day and they were the perfect kind of earrings to go with equally big hair. Today chunky earrings make the perfect statement piece when you have on a simple look.

elegant statement earrings ornate chunky earrings

  • Leotards – imagine an outfit consisting of leotards, tights and a belt – yep, that’s what the stylish 80s workout outfit was like back then and that was what leotards were for back in the 80s: for working out. Though you can still wear leotards for workouts today (modernize it by wearing it with yoga pants or workout shorts and forget about the belt), leotards can also be used as an inner piece of clothing for layering. Wear it underneath a cute kimono cardigan, with a skater skirt or a nice maxi skirt – these are just some of the ways to wear leotards with a modern twist.

sheer paneled leotards lacey leotards outfit