9 Chic Ways To Wear Tribal Prints

Of all the wonderful prints and patterns offered to us by a variety of textile stores, tribal prints are one of those rarely used ones. Tribal prints are, of course, inspired from local tribes’ usual pattern for clothes and of the civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. They are either stunningly colorful or filled with earthy tones. Either way, the patterns are easy to recognize since they are filled with abstract loud lines and geometric shapes. They are wonderful.

Granted, it’s not as universal and versatile as, say, stripes and checks and they really do leave a statement to your outfit. But during this time and age, so many tribal prints are available in just any color. Bright pink, oranges, yellow, and lime green…colors you would not have associated with tribal prints before. And, you would not just wear this during the summer, you can wear the pattern all year round! Want proof? Here are 9 chic ways for you to wear tribal prints.

  • Edgy Underneath A Jacket
    Usually the two-toned tribal prints are cool and edgy by itself but you can add a little bit more edginess to your outfit by donning a leather or moto jacket. The jacket basically tones down the noisiness of the garment while upping the edginess.
    tribal printed dress and leather jacket
    tribal dress under a brown moto jacket
  • Dis-bore The Normcore
    If you don’t have the energy to go all-out styling for your look of the day, you can take your normcore white-shirt-and-denim outfit to a higher level by slipping on a tribal-inspired blazer. Pick one that’s colorful and really bold-printed. This will offer enough statement that your attire will need.
    tribal printed draped cardigan over white shirt and ripped jeans
    tribal blazer over white shirt and denim jeans
  • Tribe Print Modernization
    Most garments that are in tribal prints are ponchos, lightweight dresses, and knits. Basically, these garments are closely associated with tribal-inspired style. But the thing is, you can wear tribal prints in a more modern way. The trick is to always put a piece in your outfit that has a silhouette that screams “modern”. Whether that modern item is tribal-printed or not, depends solely on you and your outfit.
    tribal printed dress in modern silhouette
    tribal palazzo pants and chic crop top
  • Spice Up The Neutrals
    Yes, yes. We all love the neutral colors as they are and within them we could create a minimalist outfit that’s entirely chic and polished. But you also have the option to spice up an all-black, all-white, or black-and-white outfit by incorporating a tribal printed item on your attire. It could be anything: a blazer, the shoes, your bag or belt…so long as it adds color to your supposedly monochromatic look.
    tribal printed blazer white shirt and leather black skirt
    tribal printed cardigan over all-black outfit
  • Tribal Palazzo Pants With Shirt
    A tribal palazzo pants is comfortable and an easy garment to add to your casual outfit. There are also tribal prints out there that have a dressy sort of pattern. Now add that with a loose and comfy shirt, you’ll be good to go.
    tribal printed pants and chambray shirt over white tee
    tribal maxi skirt and white collared shirt
  • Mixed Tribal Prints
    Actually, pairing one tribal printed item with a different tribal printed item is not the only mix-print scheme you can do. It’s similar to the other prints like stripes and florals. You can mix tribal with those prints, too. Just remember the core guide to mix-printing: either a neutral color or a similar color must be present on both clothes.
    tribal top and shorts outfit
    tribal print shirt and skirt outfit
  • Works For The Office
    You’d think that wearing tribal prints to your work would make you look like a psychiatrist or something similar. And you really might if you don’t keep these things in mind: first, never go with moccasins, get a matching separates in a simple tribal pattern, or you can opt for a print in unusual colors like pink or royal blue.
    tribal printed suit jacket and matching skirt
    tribal printed blazer and skirt outfit
  • A Doze Of Femininity
    You might have thought that the preppy and ultra-feminine styles are not something you could achieve with a tribal print. Well, think again. If you stick on garments in playful and bright colors and patterns and pair them with something preppy or girly, you could definitely achieve either of these styles.
    tribal mini skirt and turtleneck sweater and tights
    tribal inspired shorts and lacy top