9 Cool Tights to Make Your Outfits Look More Fun

Looking for ways to spruce up your outfits? Why not give tights a try? There’s always confusion between tights and leggings and let me just clarify that these tights we have on this list are the ones the ones that go over the foot and are not meant to be worn on their own. When worn with a nice outfit, though, tights can actually look really nice and fun. So, let’s take a peek at these 8 cool tights to make your outfits look more fun, shall we?

  • Colored tights – the most basic yet most wearable out of all the non-traditional tights are the colored ones. You can get tights in just about any color you can think of to complement your outfit. You can wear these underneath dresses, skirts or shorts when you need just a bit more color in your look.


  • Floral tights – floral tights are something you can wear if you just want to add a bit of a quirky, feminine touch to your outfit. You’ll find a lot of floral tights in different styles ranging from vintage-inspired ones to more modern, artsy and abstract designs.


  • Comic book tights – if you’re the kind of girl who’s in love with comic books and the amazing colors you can find in them, you’ll definitely love these comic book printed tights! They’re the perfect pair to wear to add that nerdy, dorky cuteness to any casual outfit.

comic book tights

  • Eye exam chart tights – here’s something you won’t find out on the streets all too often: eye exam chart tights. They’re cute, they’re a little whimsical and they’re definitely unique. Wearing this with your outfit will definitely have people looking at you as you walk past by.

eye exam tights

  • Polka dot tights – polka dots are quite basic compared to other patterns but there’s something about polka dots that make them so irresistibly cute. Black and white polka dot tights are great if you just want something basic to go with your outfit but you can also go for colorful polka dot tights if you want to add more character to your outfit.

polka dot tights

  • Bedazzled tights – though they’re shiny and pretty (as most girls like their things), not every woman on land would be willing to wear bedazzled tights with their everyday outfits simply because it might turn out tacky and cheap. If you’re brave and bold enough, though, you might want to give it a try. We love how bedazzled tights look with tutu-like fluffy skirts.


  • Fake tattoo tights – these are basically just clear tights that have tattoo-like prints on them and they’re supposed to make you look like you have a tattoo up your leg when you’re wearing them. Now, why would you want to look like you have a tattoo, you ask? Because there are just some outfits that look way hotter and sexier with smooth legs and a tattoo.


  • Card tights – these are another cute pair of tights you can wear if you want something that’s just unique and one of a kind to make your whole outfit more interesting and add more character to it. You’ll find loads of variations of card tights – some will have actual cards painted / printed on them while others only have the symbols you’d usually see from a deck of cards.

card tights

  • Bow tights – looking for something simple, fun and girly? Bows are always a great way to add a nice, girly touch to any outfit and bow tights are definitely the best way to go if you’re trying to create a cute and cool outfit.

bow tights