9 Stylish and Grown Up Ways To Wear Pink

Pink has been, for quite a long time, the universal “girl color”. Most particularly, the princesses’ and the girly young girls’ color. When you think of your little girl’s birthday party, you immediately think of pink. When you heard that your friend is expecting a baby girl, you give her pink baby clothes during the baby shower. Pink is the opposite of blue when it comes to identifying gender-related things.

And because of this stereotypical impression on the color, there are certain environments and events in which grown women have difficulty or are hesitant in wearing pink clothes. The instant association that people usually have with pink and little girls or princess makes it seem hard to pull off this fun and wonderful color in the world of adults. And that’s where we come in to help. Here are 9 grown up ways to wear pink.

  • Choose dresses in simple and classic silhouettes
    A fairly easy way to wear pink without looking like a princess, especially when wearing a dress, is to choose one that has a simple and classic silhouette. Think minimalist design, here. No ruffles, overlays, and layers at all. Just plain and simple dress.
    classy blush dress and pearls
    classy and chic dress Amal Alamuddin
  • Pair it with an not-so-typical pink color-match
    So what are your typical pink color-match, you might ask? White, black, red, and (of course) pink. And I know the neutrals are impeccable and you could still look good even if you pair your pink garment with either black or white. But you have to rest it with the pink-on-pink and red-and-pink combos. That’s totally taken from Barbie’s books and an average little girl’s favorite color combo. Go for shades of green, grey, and blue.
    pink mini skirt and blue jacket
    pink top and lime green skirt
  • Opt for sleek and polished for the office
    A very easy way to incorporate your pink clothes to your business attires is to keep the entirety of your outfit sleek and polished. Pencil skirt and tailored slacks are imperative here. And a well-tailored top tucked inside would look polished and chic at the same time.
    pink pencil skirt office
    pink gingham top and blue pencil skirt
  • Pick pastel pink
    Bright shades of pink are harder to pull off if you’re going for a mature look. Choose, instead, of dull or pastel shades since they blend well with both girly and minimalist outfits. And there’s the subtlety of the shade that creates this fine line between childish and mature.
    pastel pink pantsuit
    pastel pink blazer and pants
  • Menswear-inspired clothes to tune down the color’s giddy vibes
    Pick out clothes that are menswear-inspired or oversized and are in any shade of pink. That kind of design will be wonderfully contrasting to the feminine color. Also, try to wear those pink clothes in what’s supposed to be androgynous attires.
    pink tailored top and denim pants
    pink trench coat
  • Leather jacket in pink
    We’ve tackled about colored leathers before. Leather jackets are menswear-inspired clothes and having them in the most girly color there is, pink, gives out a statement in itself. That’s why you don’t need to add other kinds of accessories on your outfit. Something in, preferably, black or white underneath your jacket will do greatly.
    pink leather jacket Gwen Stefani
    pink leather jacket Jessica Alba
  • Pink pants for any occasion
    Here’s a quick tip for wearing pink pants: tailored or skinny ones for formal or casual outfits and something dressy like palazzo pants for a fancy event. Either way, it’s best to pair those vivid pink pants with something dark on the top.
    pink pants and navy blazer
    dressy pink pants and peplum top
  • When in doubt, go with pink accessories
    If you are still hesitant about wearing pink, then you don’t have to force yourself. Start up with accessories such as shoes, bags or scarves. And to make them stand out, keep the rest of your outfit basic: denim pants, neutral colors…the works.
    pink purse
  • Pretty prints in pink
    When wearing a printed item that is dominantly pink, you want to choose those garments that have straightforward prints such as stripes and geometric ones. Of course, it does not hurt to look flirty and fun in feminine prints like floral once in a while, too.
    pink geometric printed dress
    pink floral dress Victoria Beckham
    pink stripes cardigan