9 Tips On Your Summer To Fall Wardrobe Transition

Aside from the fact that the weather is starting to get colder and colder, sometimes it’s just too tiring to shop for your fall wardrobe. It is probably also an effect of the cold weather that the coming season brings. But oftentimes, it’s simply that we don’t have the energy to refresh our closet for the fall season as early as now.

This results to quite a common dilemma: your body needs warmth, but your style needs to be put into consideration–and, maybe, your cold-weather-laziness is acting up. Your best solution? Transition. Transitions allow for the change of something to happen subtly and not so in-your-face. In this case, you ladies will need a wardrobe transition from summer to fall. Here are a few tips on transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall that you might find helpful.

  • Layering is key – The easiest way for you to pull off those summer clothes for a transition outfit to fall, is to layer. But remember not to layer too much. As a wise man once said, too much of everything is wrong. Subtle layering such as wearing a sweater over your button shirt is enough.
    knitted top and red coat
    sweater over button down shirt
  • Shoes can make all the difference – Swapping out those pair of sandals with a chic pair of boots is often enough for people to get the fall vibe in your outfit. Besides, boots have been long proven to be wearable on almost any kind of outfit so you’re good to go.
    black ankle boots and cream trousers
    burgundy boots and dress
  • High hemlines = knee high boots – For those bottom garments that fall midway to the thighs, and I know we have tons during the summer, a very stylish trick to transitioning those clothes to fall is by wearing a pair of knee-high boots along with them. In a knee-high boots you would look fashionable yet not exactly like school girl wearing a pair of knee-socks.
    romper and knee high boots and blazer
    knee high boots and white ensemble
  • Tights is another option for high hemlines – Another way to transition those bottoms that you have for summer to fall is by wearing a pair of tights underneath. Of course, this one’s quite easy and less risque compared to the knee-high boots–a shoe that requires a lot of gut and fashion confidence to wear during the modern age.
    shorts and tights outfit
    tights and dress Jessica Alba
  • Replace lightweight garments with heavier ones – Another fairly easy way to transition your summer outfits to fall is by replacing the clothes made of lightweight material or cotton. For instance, instead of a comfy cotton pants, you’ll wear a pair of leather pants to your shirt-jacket-pants outfit.
    knitted sweater and jeans
    leather pants and white tshirt
  • Make use of your blazers – Blazers are great during those in-between days of summer and fall since they aren’t usually as hot as leather jacket or moto jacket. Another thing is that blazers have that instant polished and chic feel to them. Thus, blazers are appropriate, especially, in the work environment.
    dress and pants and jacket
    white dress and leather jacket
  • Wrap a scarf around your neck – Scarf is the most wonderful transition item you could ever own and you have to put at least two kinds of scarves on your closet. First, a scarf that is bright-colored to lighten up a common dark fall outfit. Or a darker shade of the scarf for a lighter shade of outfit.
    scarf and jeans
    tartan scarf and boyfriend blazer
  • Add the fall colors on your outfit – So what are the fall colors, you may ask? These colors are those that are dark in shade. An example is burgundy, purple, cobalt, and navy blue. Your outfit does not necessarily have to be all-out fall colors, too. At least one garment in a fall color is enough.
    burgundy outfit for fall
    navy blue outfit for fall
  • Wear the fall colors on your body – So the same goes with makeup and nail. Particularly, makeup. If you’re opting for a dark lips this fall then keep those dark lips the only dark of your made up skin.
    plum lipstick Lana del Rey
    dark red nail polish