Accessories to Complete a Boho Dress

Bohemian fashion can be described as fun, earthy and natural. Some people like to describe this fashion trend as a middle ground between the hippie and the gypsy styles and to some extent, this may be considered true. Bohemian style fashion, also now called ‘boho chic’, takes from the gypsy style the use of soft, free flowing clothing and the use of layers when styling clothes while it takes the earthy, natural  and minimalistic style from the hippies.

A boho dress is expected to be anything that’s long, sheer, flowy and styled with many layers of other clothing material like a vest or tiered skirts. However, as with any other fashion trend, a boho dress is not complete without accessories. Accessories will make your boho dress look more natural, more complete and even more authentic. Some pieces that you can wear with a boho dress are:

  • Wooden jewelry – wooden jewelry would go very well with a boho dress considering that one of his style’s objective is to look as closest to nature as possible. Wooden bangles, wooden pendants and even wooden rings are just some of the popular accessory choices for a boho dress.

boho armboho

  • Feathers – the lightness of feathers complement the flowy movement of clothes used in bohemian fashion. A boho dress would look so good if you could wear it with accessories that subtly incorporates feathers in them like feather hair extensions or feather earrings.

feather dream catcher

feather boho

  • Long, layered necklaces – necklaces that fall down until the navel are great for boho dresses and even greater when they are worn with several more necklaces that go a bit shorter than the other, much like forming a layer. These necklaces are often made with beads or metal chains with a statement gem pendant hanging.

layered necklace

boho dress necklace

  • Stacked and chunky pieces – though a boho dress worn right is already a statement in and of itself, this does not seem enough for the true boho at heart. A boho ensemble is never complete without a stack of arm accessories like bangles, thin and thick, bracelets and arm cuffs. It’s like today’s arm candy / arm party trend except that it calls for more neutral colors and earthy elements.

boho dress accessorizedchunky jewelry

  • Fringes – whether it’s the bag, the boots or a cardigan, as long as there are fringes, your boho dress should look fabulously amazing. Fringes add texture and complement the movement of boho style clothing.

boho friengeboho dress accessory