Accessories You Need to Complete Your Street Style Look

No matter how good or fab or stylish your outfit is, it can never be complete without good accessories. Even on the runway, outfits always look more glamorous when it’s completed with the right accessories to add interesting details and charming quirkiness. Everybody appreciates good accessories here and there. It’s the ‘little things’ that you can add to an outfit to make it more interesting and fun and to make it really pop. To someone who likes wearing street style outfits all the time, accessories are super important. These are the pieces that make all the difference to street wear items. Accessories can make a street style outfit look more polished and hip. Here are some accessories you need to complete your street style look.

  • Sunglasses – if you’re going to be out in the streets all day or at least for a really long time, you should definitely have something to protect your eyes from the sun so you don’t have to squint or anything and sunglasses are perfect for just that. They’re stylish and functional at the same time and we love how putting a pair on, no matter how simple, instantly makes your whole look seem cooler and more hip.

cat eye sunglasses cool aviator sunglasses

  • Sling purse – forget about those large, oversized designer bags. If you’re sporting a street style outfit, no purse is better to go with your look than a sling purse. it’s very convenient as you just throw it on against your body and you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy purse anymore; it virtually frees your hand so you’re able to move around and do more with them!

mini sling purse

leather sling purse

  • A hat – no matter how you have styled your street style outfit for today, I’m pretty sure that there’s a hat style that would go perfectly with it. A nice baseball cap would really go well with an athletic-ish outfit or with a simple ensemble that you want to give a tomboyish vibe to while a fedora can give your street style outfit a bit of a posh finish. Beanies are perfect for colder days while wide brimmed hats go well with a summer inspired look. Other kinds of hats will fit into other street style looks so start exploring!

wide brimmed hat cute fedora hat

  • Shoes – heels can really make you look and feel a whole lot sexier and they actually look quite pretty with street style outfits because they give the whole look a nice posh feel but if you’re wearing your look the whole day, you’ll want something more comfortable like flats. Menswear inspired shoes usually fare well with street style outfits but you can always wear girly flats, too, if you want your look to lean more towards the girly side. Trainers and sneakers are also  comfy choices that you can choose when putting together a street style outfit.

black and white converse black moccassin boots

  • Jewelry – nothing fancy is required for a street style outfit. Stacks of all kinds of different bracelets make for a really interesting arm candy piece while statement necklaces with nice faux gems can really take center stage in the whole outfit.

chunky statement necklacestacked bracelets and bangles