16 Amazing Outfit Ideas For Wearing Berets

Whoever doubted the comeback of hats certainly underestimated the creative and imaginative minds of fashionistas. As the air turns crisp and the temperature drops low, hats are slowly popping up on heads everywhere. From the runway aisle showcasing fashion designers’ seasonal collections to the busy streets, you could find berets becoming a well-loved and trendy headwear this fall and coming winter.

Beyond its being a wardrobe staple for the military, berets have become an epitome of Parisian fashion. No other hat can be so fitting to wear when strolling the streets of Paris than a beret. But we’re here to prove to you that Parisian chic is not the only style for which you could wear berets. Berets simply adds a touch of femininity to whatever outfit you have. Whatever your personal style may be, from grunge to classic, you can add beret to your personal wardrobe. Here are 16 outfit ideas for wearing berets in 8 different kinds of style.


We will be hitting this list off with the most obvious style you could incorporate berets into: Parisian chic. As mentioned above, berets are nearly a cliche symbol for the Parisian style. All you have to do is pair your berets in a Parisian chic outfit with staples like Breton striped top and black flats and you will be able to pull off the Parisian chic style.

beret Parisian chic | AelidaLeighton Meester beret Parisian chic | Aelida


The modern style is characterized by its sleekness and the ever-present sophistication. I highly recommend committing to berets in dark hues as berets in these shades will more likely blend together your sleek and modern outfits.

beret modern | Aelida

beret modern outfit | Aelida


Now here’s the difference between the classic and modern style: timelessness. Modern could be embodied by anything that was a hit in the 21st century. But classic outfits have been stylish even decades before. Neat and structured silhouette and clean lines will create a classic feel to your outfits. Keep to timeless clothes such as denim and A-line silhouettes. Also, you can wear your beret sideways to frame your face and add feminine sophistication.

beret classic outfit | Aelida beret classic monochromatic


Wearing berets in preppy outfits will remind you of schoolgirls back in ’60s and ’70s with their collared shirt, jumper and pleated skirts. Always remember to incorporate Peter Pan collared shirts and socks for a preppy outfit with berets. Also, you would want to add pastel colors into your ensemble.

beret preppy outfit | Aelida red beret preppy | Aelida


This is quite a difficult style to pull off with beret. That’s because berets usually dress up an outfit not dress it down. But I did not say that it’s impossible. This one will have to depend greatly on how you wear your beret. Create this slouchy look that gives an I-just-put-it-hurriedly impression.

Anne Hathaway beret laid back beret laid back


Like the laid back style, it is fairly difficult to incorporate berets into a Bohemian-inspired look. My advice is to keep wear a beret in a neutral color and let it harmonize with the rest of your outfit. Put together an outfit that will scream Bohemian. This way, you’d be able to nail the beret on a boho chic attire.

beret bohemian inspired outfit | Aelida beret boho chic | Aelida


Next to Parisian chic, putting together a vintage chic outfit with beret is very easy. For one thing, berets have this air of classiness and old-timey feel to them that makes it so easy for them to be included in a vintage chic ensemble. Stick to rich and deep colors and clothes inspired from the ’60s and ’70s.

beret vintage outfit | Aelida beret vintage chic


Now, grunge and punk chic outfits usually accessorize their head with wide-brimmed hats and beanies–not berets. And mind you, this is all year round. But the grunge and punk style are quite open to any kind of head accessories and they always seem to blend well with the rest of the pieces. If you are hesitant to add beret to a grunge or punk outfit, resort to black berets.

beret in grunge outfit | Aelida beret grunge outfit | Aelida