4 Cool Scarf Tying Ideas

Scarves are very handy during the colder seasons like fall and winter although some also wear the skinnier and sheerer ones during summer and fall. Most men and women consider scarves as a staple in their closets but that’s not just its sole function. A scarf can also be used as an accessory to complete an outfit. There are many ways that you can tie a scarf to give it a unique look, depending on your scarf’s material and style. The following are some of the different and fun ways you can tie your scarf:

  • The faux infinity loop – though there are lots of infinity scarves that you can buy out there, sometimes, you just have too many scarves that buying another one just for its style is no longer practical, especially if you can replicate it. The faux infinity loop is done by putting a scarf on and knotting the ends twice. Once the knots are in place, twist the scarf and pull over your head. Adjust to hide the knots and you’re done.

infinity knitblack infinityfaux infinity

  • The simple double knot– this scarf tying idea is more for just accessorizing than keeping you warm. It’s an ideal scarf tying idea that’s meant for the skinnier scarves that don’t go too well wrapped around the neck. To make the simple double loop, you can start by either just hanging your scarf on your neck or by looping it once. Make sure you have equal remainder scarf lengths on both sides. Tie a knot on each side to complete the look.

simple double knotknotted ends

  • The fake knot – the fake knot is another scarf tying idea that is perfect for skinny scarves. This scarf tying style is ideal for fall when it’s not too cold yet. To do this, put your scarf on the back of your neck then do a knot on one side. Loosen the knot a little bit to make room for the other end of the scarf. Insert the side of the scarf that is not knotted in the knot and pull to tighten.

fake knotfake knot diy

  • The bow – this scarf tying idea is a very cute way to liven up a plain sweater. This style can be done with chunky knit scarves and on skinny scarves as well but we think it looks best when done on a plain silk scarf provided that it’s long enough for all the looping and tying. This style is done just like you would any ordinary bow.

bow scarfbow tie scarfchunky bow scarf