4 Cute Piercing Ideas

Piercing used to be done only on the ears, one on each side. However, as times progressed and as we have embraced the modernity of times, we have also come up with more ways to express ourselves more visually, using our bodies. One popular way of self-expression nowadays is through body piercing. Not all people are for it. Some people think of it as an art to represent yourself and your style while some think that it’s just another way to dirty yourself up and look weird.

However, there are actually some piercings on various significant parts of the body that can look artistic, cool and sophisticated. There are, of course, a number of factors that affect the overall look of your piercing like the location and the size of the jewelry you choose to use. Here are some cute piercing ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Multiple ear piercings – seeing more than just one earring on each ear is no longer unusual today so if you don’t want piercings all over your body and want to just keep it all in one place, the ear is the right place for that. Popular spots for multiple ear piercings are on the ear lobe and the cartilage. The choice on whether you want just a couple or if you want all the piercable spaces pierced is completely up to you. Studs, ear cuffs and hoops are the common choices for ear piercings jewelry.

multiple piercings ear

all studs

nautical ear piercings

  • Navel piercing – this is also called the ‘belly button piercing’. Only one piercing is commonly seen on the belly button and it’s either in or around the navel. Lots of people who have had this done say that it’s almost painless and it heals quickly like regular ear piercing. The location of this piercing is perfect if you want something subtle. Studs and drop-style jewelry are common choices for this piercing location.

stud navel piercing

belly button piecingv

  • Nose Piercing – piercing your nose can go two ways: it can either make you look cool or it can make you look trashy and cheap. A single nose piercing on one side with a tiny stud or a mini hoop can look cool and cute but anything beyond that takes special self confidence, attitude and swag to pull off.

star stud nose piercing

mini hoop

  • Tongue piercing – maybe this one’s for the braver ones. If you want to have your tongue pierced, be ready to speak and eat uncomfortably in the next few weeks as this piercing may take a while to heal. Tongue piercing jewelry are often just studs.

tongue piercing

tongue stud

Remember to have your piercings done only by professionals to minimize the risk of having any infection.