4 Great Ideas for DIY Earrings

Earrings are those cute little details that you wouldn’t think could complete your outfit but when you put them on, you’ll see that they make so much difference and that they can actually turn your boring, old Plain Jane outfit into a more exciting one. Earrings are also a simple and creative way to subtly but effectively spruce up your uniform regardless of whether it’s for work or for school. Sometimes, though, spending on  a good pair of  earrings just isn’t an option when you’re budget restricts you. So, here are a few cool and fabulous ideas for making your very own DIY earrings.

  • Lace earrings – these are the ultimate earrings for any dainty, girly feminine outfit. They’re also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them pulling on your ears all day long. Because most lace appliqués come in white, it’s your choice to dye them in different colors before using them. Because lace is so delicate, it’s important that you coat the appliqué at least in clear nail polish to stiffen it.

diy earrings lace

lace diy earrings

lace earrings

  • Feather earrings – they’re all the rage these days. You’ll see celebrities wearing a pair while some of the more adventurous fashionistas like wearing a stud on one ear and a feather earring on the other. Whatever your choice is, these DIY feather earrings are sure to make your outfits way more interesting.

diy feather earrings

long feather earrings

  • Tassel earrings – this idea for DIY earrings are sure to make anyone wearing them look so elegant and sophisticated. They’re long and they flow and sway graciously with you with every stride. Wear these earrings with your hair in a bun to show them off and you’re sure to turn heads.

diy tassel earrings

peach tassel earrings

  • Button earrings – having gone through your mom’s or your grandmother’s closet a few couple of times before, you’ve probably found one or two of these really old and dated button down shirts that won’t really match anything in your closet but have elegant, delicate and antique-looking buttons that you just took off and kept until you know what to do with them pretty little things. Well, now’s the time to take them out and turn them into classy button earrings. Needless to say, this DIY earrings idea would also work for all other non-antique but still cute and chic little buttons.

vintage button earrings

cute button earrings

diy button earrings

DIY earrings are very easy to make and only requires a little time and creativity. They’re a great way to save on money without giving up your style. They also make perfect gifts made with love.