4 Styles of Embellished Headbands

Headbands have always been on the top of our lists when it comes to our favorite hair tools. Headbands are super easy to use and you can use them without having to use any other hair product first. They’re also the perfect quick fix for when you want to keep hair away from your face. However, plain headbands can be a little bit boring, especially when worn on a day to day basis. To spice up your look, why not use embellished headbands instead? You can make them on your own or you can buy them from most shopping stores. Here are a few of the cutest and coolest styles of embellished headbands you can adorn your hair with:

  • Feather embellished headbands –feathers have a very soft and delicate look. They’re perfect if you want something that will make you stand out from the crowd in a very fierce and fashion forward way. Feather embellished headbands can either be fully embellished with feathers all over the band or feathers could just be placed on one side beautifully to create a nice attractive design.

feather embellished headband feather head band feather headband

  • Jewel embellished headbands – if you want something more luxurious, lavish and elegant, a headband embellished with different jewels is perfect for you. Of course, you don’t need to get real jewels. You can go for faux jewelry for a more affordable option. Jewel embellished headbands are often the choice for bridal outfits but they could also lend any casual outfit a more elegant and dressy vibe.

jewel headband jeweled headband

  • Beaded embellished headbands – beads are used to create beautiful intricate patterns on headbands. It takes a lot of time and work to bead a pattern on a single headband, regardless of whether the beads are going to be sewn or glued. Some like to make beaded headbands in abstract patterns to save on time and the results are quite stunning, too.

beaded headband beaded embellished headband

  • Fascinator headbands – fascinator headbands are those that often have a chunky statement design on one side consisting of one or more embellishments including beads, rhinestones, faux jewels, feathers, rosettes and other little trinkets. Also, fascinator headbands often have small veils attached on to them which has made these cute little things a popular choice for a headpiece to be worn on a wedding.

fascinator Fascinator headbands fascinator flower headband

Now that you’ve seen these gorgeous embellished headbands, go ahead grab yourself some to add a fun twist to your outfits. Embellished headbands are often not too expensive so you should not have any problem acquiring them but if you want to be more practical, you can DIY some of your own using old headbands and supplies from the craft store.