5 Winter Hats You Can Try As Alternative For Beanie

Winter is coming, folks! And with this cold season, you have to take out the beanies that will keep your head warm and your hair from sticking up due to the static. Or maybe you don’t have to. While we will all agree that beanies are a hella good winter hat, you have to consider the fact that there are so many other choices that you could have.

Winter is, anyway, the best season to flounce around in your favorite cozy winter hats. Here, I give you ladies, are 5 winter hats you can try as alternative for beanie.


Wide brim hats have certainly gained popularity in recent years due to its well-loved following from boho styled ladies. And with Bohemian as a very trendy style these days, you could go ahead and incorporate wide brim hats in a winter outfit. In fact, while you are at it, officially make it one of your winter hats to wear this coming winter season. They add the touch of boho and an unusually laid back air with its structured design.

wide brimmed winter hatwinter hat wide brimmed


Whoever said fedoras are for the gentlemen only certainly have not noticed what was going on in the streets. Where wide brim hats give off that laid back feel, fedoras as your winter hats will be able to offer you that sense of androgyny. It may have a lot to do that fedoras are originally a gentleman’s hat. For fedoras as winter hats, I would suggest going on two ways. Either you pair it up with a highly feminine ensemble or go all-out androgynous with sleek blazers and boyfriend trousers.

fedora winter hat

winter hat fedora


There’s no question about these hats’ validity as winter hats. Professional athletes who spend most of their time in cold areas use them regularly. Ski hats are ideal winter hats for those who lean more on the athleisure style as their personal style. It’s not just the fact that skiers, obviously, use them. Most ski hats have sporty prints or designs placed into them. As for knit hats, these are ideal winter hats for those with a more adorable style. If you are the kind of girl who you’d think can successfully pull off a knit hat with hanging little pompoms, then go ahead.

ski hat winter hat knit hat winter hat


Like how ski hats are used for skis, trapper hats are used by trappers. Most likely, those who were hunters back in previous decades and live or hunt on cold terrains. Trapper hats may not be easy hats to pull off as everyday winter hats. What I could recommend is that you want to go for a neutral colored trapper hat and something that is not large enough that it makes your head look smaller than it already is.

trapper hat winter hat fur trapper hat winter hat


Cossack hats are hats commonly worn by Russian Cossacks back in the 17th to 18th century as part of their uniform. Like trapper hats, these are fluffy hat that may be able to make your head look smaller. Again, if you want to play it safe, stick to neutral colors.

cossack winter hat white cossack hat