6 Great Looks You Can Have With Givenchy Lucrezia

One of the most loved bags of this year is Givenchy Lucrezia. It is an It Bag. We could see many celebrities and style icons carrying the Givenchy Lucrezia throughout this year. Some of these celebrities who have a loyalty to Givenchy Lucrezia are Kendall Jenner, Amanda Seyfried, and Jessica Chastain.

There are so many good things that come with owning one Givenchy Lucrezia–sophistication, timelessness and modernity. But the best thing about Givenchy Lucrezia? The various looks you can create with them. Here are 6 different and awesome looks that you can have with Givenchy Lucrezia.


Lucrezia bag is not only a bag of style but also of function. It is one of the best size of a bag to carry and bring to the airport when you are travelling. You’ve got numerous celebrities who use Givenchy Lucrezia for their airport looks. Also, the design of the bag is modern yet very versatile so whatever airport style you may go for, you’ll be guaranteed to have Lucrezia fit into your outfit.

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Givenchy Lucrezia airport


Lucrezia has a very textured fabric which makes it a very great bag to accessorize in a monochromatic outfit. I have mentioned it countless of times that for a monochromatic to look less boring there should be an obvious presence of diverse textures in your outfit. Givenchy Lucrezia will certainly deliver with that.

monochromatic Givenchy Lucrezia

Givenchy lucrezia monochromatic


As mentioned earlier, Lucrezia has a very modern design. This modern style makes Givenchy Lucrezia bag a great bag for a modern or contemporary look. These looks could be wonderful for office looks or a modern street style look.

Givenchy Lucrezia modern look Givenchy Lucrezia modern


Also, because of the modern tailoring of the Lucrezia bag, you can wear incorporate the Givenchy Lucrezia bag in an edgy outfit. This edgy outfit could be sleek and minimalist or punk-y and chaotic but the Lucrezia bag will certainly add some sophistication to it.

Givenchy Lucrezia edgy Givenchy Lucrezia edgy look


Whether it be outre, sloppy chic, athleisure or anything other style that prioritize comfort over fashion. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your style. Incorporate Givenchy Lucrezia into your favorite comfy getup to give it an ounce of sophistication.

athleisure Givenchy Lucrezia Givenchy Lucrezia athleisure


You could be throwing in the most basic and casual of garments but you would still be able to look great. With Givenchy Lucrezia, you will be able to create a statement item that will become the centerpiece of your almost all-basic attire.

Givenchy Lucrezia casual casual Givenchy Lucrezia


You can also wear Lucrezia in a preppy look. Because of the simplicity of the design of the bag, Lucrezia is able to be worn on any kind of outfit. In the case of preppy style, the Lucrezia gives your preppy look a little edge.

Givenchy Lucrezia preppy Givenchy Lucrezia girly