6 Trendy Hair Accessories Grownups Can Wear

Remember those days of your childhood, memories remembered in faded tone of sepia, how your love for fashion all started? A fluffy tutu skirt over your leggings of multi-colored stripes, a ruffled top emphasizing your baby belly, a wand on your hand and a tiara on top of your pigtail-braided hair. Hair accessories were the things we were all crazy for back in the days. And the good news is: Hair accessories are back!

The way braided hairstyles do not only apply to younger kids these days, you can now wear hair accessories and still retain your being an adult. From a simple band to a clip with intricate details, hair accessories will be able to amp-up your look and turn it on your favor. But you have to know that it isn’t easy to pull off some of the more elaborate accessories.

Here are 6 trendy hair accessories grownups can wear and how to wear them.


Barrettes are vintage accessories that have been around for a long time. There is a certain air of classiness in them that makes them such a wonderful piece of hair accessory. And the great thing about barrettes is its amazing versatility on wearability. It is a simple type of hair clip that offers so much when it comes to design that you can wear one barrette for a formal event and one for a casual look.

All you have to do is find the perfect placement for your barrette. I find that behind your ears–like what Sandra Bullock did–gives a classy and lady-like look but if you wear a smokey eye makeup for this, it will also blend well with a slightly edgy look. There is also a rounded barrette that is ideal for a loose, low ponytail ‘do when you want to be loose and casual. This is a great alternative for elastic bands since it will not mark on your hair much.

Sandra Bullock bejewelled barrette

bejewelled barrette in half-do

barrette in a ponytail | Aelida


Once a functional hair accessory that keeps the hair away from your face, headbands had long since become the easiest hair accessory to pull off. It embodies so much of the chic and preppy styles. And as a result, this creates no uniqueness to the accessory. So to make yourself and your headband stand out, you can wear an embellished one with a messy or tight updo.

Taylor Swift beaded headband

simple headband | Aelida

Amy Adams headband in updo


Yes, yes. Elastic bands are basically not a hair accessories. But the thing with elastic bands is its overall usage versatility that stretches beyond hair–don’t tell me I’m the only who uses hair elastic to secure a pad of rolled up paper. With the help of elastic bands, you can wrap a lock of hair around it to create that literal hair tie. You can also use those thick kind of elastic to create a sleek and edgy ponytail. And if you’re thinking of channeling Ariana Grande’s high pony, you can slip two bobby pins through a ring of the elastic to your hair. These pins would act as propping devices to help your ponytail to perk up.

thick elastic in high ponytail

Lauren Conrad sleek low ponytail

Cara Delevingne high ponytail


Speaking of bobby pins, this is another hair accessory that leans more on the functionality. We usually use bobby pins with the unconscious thought of trying to hide it. And the thing is, you can actually use bobby pins to create something fancy. Go for colored pins, most preferably gold or silver ones,  and get creative with the presentation. When you’re using bobby pins as a hair accessory, you want to use as many bobby pins as needed for the hairstyle of your choice.

Emma Watson bobby pinned hairstyle

Emma Stone crisscross bobby pins

triangle bobby pins


This is probably one of the most difficult hair accessory to pull off in this list. And likely so. There’s no question that turban headbands are a thing of the past. It exudes a certain air of vintage classiness. Now, like any other vintage and classy article of clothing and accessories, the turban headband is a part of the Bohemian, hippie, and boho chic styles. Most turban headbands are great for any casual outfits. But you can look for bejeweled or embellished turban headbands–in jewel tones, preferably–that will suit well in a formal attire.

turban headband

Kourtney Kardashian turban headband | Aelida

fancy turban headband


When I talk about ribbons here, I don’t mean those plastic and wired ones. You want those lace kinds in velvet or silky fabric. These kind of ribbons are dressier and much more versatile. You can even braid it along with your hair. You can wear it as a headband, or an alternative for elastic bands. For this, you can follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s suit and tie your fancy ribbon around a messy ponytail. The contrast is beautiful.

tight-tied ribbon

Kate Middleton loose ribbon

ribbon in a braid