Be in Style with Cross Pendants

Cross pendants was once a religious symbol and most people use them as a means of reflecting their religion. However, as years passed by, these cross pendants shifted from being a religious symbol to a jewelry piece that is used outside its context of religion.

Cross pendants have transformed from a religious piece to jewelry

Lovely Cross pendantsRemembering history, the Cross is a symbol for spiritual victory so using a cross pendant can also symbolize victory over the physical dimensions of man. Nonetheless, cross pendants are great jewelry pieces that you can use much like a regular pendant.

Cross pendants are good gifts to men and women. Various jewelry designers have their own version of cross pendant designs. Cross pendants for women can come in silver, gold or diamond outlines. Diamonds in cross pendants actually add to the elegance of the jewelry piece as the diamonds highlight the cross design. Silver cross pendants and gold cross pendants are also very popular and simple and can be worn during casual events.

If you are looking for cross pendants that you can have, the following designs can be a great pick:

Kate Middleton uses her diamond cross pendant. Not only is she able to carry the necklace with style, she also made a good impact among the British using her religious jewelry piece.

Kate Middleton Diamond Cross PendantLarge statement cross pendants are the favorite of funky individuals who want to show some sense of spirituality. This statement cross pendant with various colors is a fun way to wear a classical jewelry piece.

Statement cross pendants

If you are looking for non-conventional designs, wearing cross pendants sideways is also a great idea. The gold sideways cross necklace exudes elegance and simplicity.

Sideways cross pendantIf you want a more modern necklace, you can actually get a designer cross pendant such as this worn by Jessica Simpson. The beaded necklace with a cross pendant is a modern symbolization of the rosary.

Jessica Simpson Cross PendantLarge pendants are also very popular. These various celebrities wear their long and large cross necklaces with their casual outfit to accentuate a simple and look.

Large cross pendantsOther celebrities spotted using their cross pendants include:

Miley Cyrus accentuates her layered necklaces with a center cross pendant.

Miley Cyrus Cross PendantMaria Sharapova wears a gold plated cross pendant with a classical cross design.

Maria Sharapova Cross PendantSpeaking of studded pendants, Madonna wears a studded cross pendant in bronze plate. The pendant style is very old-fashioned, yet great for casual outfits.

Madonna Cross Pendant NecklaceIt’s really not about religion. Cross pendants can be worn as a unique jewelry piece. Nevertheless, these symbolic pieces should never be worn out of context as the cross has a very important meaning for all of us.

cross pendants