Cool and Cute Earrings for that Extraordinary Look

Women are fond of using dazzling and elegant earrings along with their pretty wardrobes on a special day. Earrings are one of the most important jewelry pieces because they can actually uplift your look since they appear right beside your face so getting that perfect piece in your ears is a basic rule for women’s fashion. But aside from getting those sparkling, but conventional earrings, why not try some of the cool earrings to turn your casual look into an extraordinary one? While searching for the perfect earrings, I have come across these cute and cool earrings for women:

Plastic Earrings

Plastic earrings are really very cool especially that designers can put colors and various designs on them. This cool earrings has really caught my attention because of being so cool and freaky at the same time. If you want out of this world earrings, how about wearing these freaky eyes on your ears?

Cool earrings

Remember the plant piranha in Super Mario Brothers? Get them to bite your ears by wearing these earrings. This set is very fun to use with your casual outfits.

Mario Brothers earrings

Silver and Gold Earrings

These light bulb earrings with barely a centimeter in size are also very cool. While they will not light on your ears, wearing them makes you a Thomas Edison in style.

Light bulb earrings

This gold earrings is another one on the most unique earrings for women. The spikes and the dangling tip gives you two styles in one.

Punk Style Spiky Tassel Ear Wrap Earrings

Scared of snakes? Well, you shouldn’t be because wearing them on your ears is really cool. This silver earrings will really make people turn their heads on you when they see you wearing it.

Cool snake earrings

Some women may have dreamed to become a Martian princess or even a beautiful Gremlin. Well, using this pretty and cute earrings may just make you one.

Cute earrings

If you want to look chic in your cool earrings, then using this leaves-inspired earrings is very pretty. Brush your hair sideways to reveal that beautiful piece in your ears.

Leaves earrings

Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are also very cool, but using an over sized hoop earrings with over sized feathers sets a  gorgeous look on that pretty face.

Cool Feather Earrings

Cuff Earrings

If you want to add some pieces in your ears, but don’t to get additional ear piercings, then getting cuff earrings will serve the purpose. This ribbon cuff earring is very cute and can complement cool stud earrings.

Ear cuff earrings

If you’re a little liberated, then using this nude man ear cuff is very sexy and expressive.

Sexy earrings

Sometimes, using cool and extraordinary earrings is just the right one for you especially during days when you want to be more experimental in your fashion sense.