Cute and Charming Diamond Drop Earrings

When we talk about jewelries, nothing beats the brilliance and sophistication of diamonds that’s why women always have diamond jewelries under their wish lists. While there are other fascinating and pretty stones, diamonds still remain to be the ultimate gems of all gems making it the most-loved stones on earth.

If you want to get diamond earrings, but would rather stick to cute and charming pieces than more sophisticated ones, sticking to diamond drop earrings is the right one for you. Diamond drop earrings for women tend to be more subtle than other more flashy diamond earring designs. To help on looking for great drop earring designs, here are some of the charming and brilliant diamond drop earrings for you:

Natalie Portman Wears a very beautiful diamond drop earrings in the Academy Awards. The earrings seem to be a pearl and diamond drop earrings with the dazzling diamonds atop the pearl.

Natalie Portman Diamond Drop Earrings

Milla Jovovich is also seen wearing a simple, yet elegant diamond drop earrings. The two-stoned diamond earrings with a simple cut compliments the elegant look on the celebrity.

Milla Jovovich Diamond Drop Earrings

Selma Blair also uses her simple quartz-shaped diamond drop earrings. While the diamond is very simple, the mere fact that you are having a piece of diamond in your ears makes you really stunning. Besides, nothing beats simplicity for beauty.

Selma Blair Diamond Drop Earrings

During her royal wedding, Kate Middleton also used this magnificent tear drop diamond earrings. You can look for similar pieces for that royal look.

Kate Middleton Diamond Drop Earrings

At the 2010 Golden Globe Awards night, Nicole Kidman looks very charming in this halo diamond earrings. The two large diamonds at the center even sparkle more because of the small surrounding halo diamonds.

Nicole Kidman Diamond Drop Earrings

Another of Tom Cruise’s exes uses a pair of diamond earrings. Penelope Cruz looks very glamorous in her teardrop diamond earrings. Beside the picture of Penelope is a sample that looks like hers with additional butterfly design at the center.

Penelope Cruz Diamond Drop Earrings

Speaking of diamond drop earrings, you should also consider long drop earrings such as this one. Rachel Bilson in her very simple attire and hair looked very chic in her long diamond drop earrings. Well, this proves that having a nice pair of earrings can really pump your look.

Rachel Bilson Diamond Drop Earrings

Miranda Lambert also showcases this long diamond drop earrings at the Grammy’s. The stem of the earrings is made of diamonds while the large stone is pearl for that complementing style.

Miranda Lambert Diamond Drop Earrings

The Golden Globe Awards is really a place for celebrities to showcase their jewels. This diamond drop earrings is a good one for young women.

Diamond Drop Earrings

Carrie Underwood  in her classy look puts highlight on her stye by using a long diamond drop earrings. The teardrop design with a large diamond accent at the center makes the jewel more dazzling.

Carrie Underwood Long Diamond Drop Earrings

Well, those are some of the charming diamond drop earrings that you can get. If you want to go away from the monotony of diamonds, then you can also get black diamond drop earrings for that stylish look.