Cute Hair Ties for Women

Every woman should have a hair tie to fix their hair when they need to especially so when they need to keep their face off their face. But hair ties are not just mere gadgets to secure the hair; they can also be a fashion statement or hair accessories to add style to the simple pony tail or braided hair.

Hair ties have evolved from conventional designs to more unique pieces to accessorize the hair. Here are some of the cool hair ties for you:

Ribbon Hair Ties

Ribbon ties are one of the cutest hair tie designs. They give you a younger look, but they also are very chick depending on the color and the size. This small ribbon lace tie is an epitome of beauty in simple packages. Add a pretty touch on your pony tail by tying a ribbon around it.

Black hair bow

Large vintage ribbon hair ties are very gorgeous especially if you are aiming for a lose pony tail. Just sweep your hair to the side and tie a printed lace hair tie for that classy look.

Vintage hair tie

This long black hair tie is another way of using ribbon lace ties. Compliment your long golden locks by tying a long black ribbon tie.

Ribbon Hair Ties

Cloth Hair Ties

Cute cloth hair ties are also becoming a collector’s item for women. You can have as many colors as you want to have a variety on your hair ties. You can also combine two colors such as this one.

Cloth Hair Tie

Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic hair ties are classic when it comes to pony tails. But move out from those circular elastic ties and use this cute hair accessory for your hair.

Cloth Hair Ties

They come in various colors and designs from plain pastel hair ties to glittery, silver and gold ones.

Elastic Hair Tie

Elastic hair ties can also be worn with various charms for that cool look on your hair. There are several elastic hair ties with charms that you can look for. You can use one hair tie alone for that simple look or stack them for a funkier attitude.

Hair Tie Charms

Another cute hair tie style is this elastic hair tie with thin ribbons attached.

Cute Hair Ties

Twist Hair Ties

Hair ties also come in twisted, braided and even crochet designs. This is a very meek, but  pretty crochet hair tie best for braided hair.

Crochet Hair Ties

If you want more coverage in your hair, you can also use twisted hair ties. Although they are commonly used for tying hair, you can experiment on their use such as this.

Twisted Hair Ties

There are more designs and styles to choose from. Hair ties can be cheap so get as much as you want for that daily varied hair ties.