Cute Ways to Store Your Jewelry

As women, we tend to go a little bit overboard with buying accessories. First of all, they’re a lot cheaper than clothes and shoes and also, it’s so hard to keep yourself from buying those cute little pieces of jewelry that we know would look so good with our outfits (or some of the outfits we are yet to buy. Wink!) If you love buying jewelry to accessorize your looks, I’m pretty sure you have already amassed a huge collection over the years and while it can be a little overwhelming to look at, it’s actually really easy to fix that kind of problem. One good way to keep track of what you have is to organize and store your jewelry properly. Here are some really great ideas on cute ways to store your jewelry.

  • Use a dress form – statement necklaces are so on trend right now but since they’re chunky and bulky, they take up so much space when stored in drawers plus they get tangled up so easily, too! To store your chic necklace, hang them up on a dress form. It would make such a cute decoration for your room, too! You can also pin brooches on there to add to the glamour of the dress form’s look.

dress form for necklaces dress form jewelry storage

  • Put little trinkets in a tiered cupcake stand – you know those inexpensive yet fancy looking multi-tiered cupcake stands you see at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Goods? While they make pretty table centerpieces at parties when filled with baked goodies, they’re great for storing small pieces of jewelry, too like earrings, dainty necklaces and bracelets and pendants.

cupcake stand decor

cupcake stand jewelry organizer dainty jewelry on cupcake stand

  • Frame them up – another really gorgeous way to store your jewelry and display them at the same time is to hang them up on a frame with cork or mesh backing. You can make this yourself or you can buy them premade from home improvement stores. If you are making them yourself as your little weekend DIY project, feel free to stray away from the regular picture frame and get more creative and use other frames like ornate mirror frames.

framed jewelry DIY jewelry frame

  • Get creative with twigs – love creating new stuff from rather useless things? Pick up some twigs on your way home the next time you go out. Paint these twigs (if you want) and place them in a jar with a small opening (to hold the twigs better and so they don’t go in all directions) and start hanging your necklaces, bracelets, ankles and rings on there. You can also hang some earrings if you like.

cute twig jewelry organizer jewelry storage using twigs repurposed twig for jewelry storage cute twig organizer

  • Use apothecary jars – apothecary jars always add a touch of fancy anywhere they’re placed so if you have lots of pretty and chunky jewelry, just place them inside for easy, fancy and accessible storage. I wouldn’t advise you to put tiny and dainty jewelry inside since it might be a little difficult to go through them when you need them plus chunky jewelry can fill up the space in apothecary jars faster.

fancy apothecary jars chunky chain bracelets in apothecary jars fancy jewelry storage