How To Choose The Perfect Purse for Everyday Use

More than just an accessory to complement your outfit, a purse is a very convenient and stylish tool for carrying around all that you’ll need to last a day out stylishly. This is an important piece of item that you can carry around all day to encase your essentials like your wallet, your phone, perhaps some snacks and water, your make up and even a weapon for dangerous emergencies. Because you bring your purse around with you every day, it’s important that you know how to choose the right one so that you can  optimize its use. In this article you’ll find some ideas and tips on how to choose the perfect purse.

accesorized purse

  • Size – how many items do you usually carry around during the day? Do these items need a lot of space or can they just be cramped in a teeny tiny compartment? If you are a student or an office worker, do you carry papers and folders everyday that need space so they don’t get crumpled and folded? Or do you have a separate envelope for that? The size of your bag is important because it needs to be just big enough to make room for your essentials but not too big that they could go swimming around and give you a hard time fishing things out when you need them.

Dark Tan Mulberry Purse

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  • Handles –  these are just little details but they’re really important when choosing the perfect purse. Think of how your day usually goes: do you actually have enough hands to hold on to a purse or are your hands rather full with other things and need a hands free bag? Also consider the length of the handle, especially if you’re getting shoulder bags. You don’t want them hanging too close on the armpit area and scrunching up your shirt nor do you want them dangling around easy enough to get slashed and stolen.

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  • Color – since you’re looking for an everyday purse, the ability of it to match all your outfits is important. To be safe, go for neutral colors like white, black, brown, grey, beige or tan. You can make it look more interesting by just attaching something to add a pop of color like tying on a colorful scarf to one of the handles or a nice keyring on the outside compartment’s zipper,

pure black leather

pure black leather

  • Quality – quality is very important if you’re seeing this bag as an investment or something that you can use for a very long time. Leather purses are expensive but you can rely on them to last you years. Faux leather may look just as classy and expensive at a lower price but the quality is far inferior compared to genuine leather. If you have enough money to spend, go for genuine leather.

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