How to Wear a Big Necklace

Big necklaces are super trendy right now you’ll find that almost everyone is wearing them. Big necklaces can be made from several different materials and can have various details and adornments. There are so many styles and designs for these popular bib necklaces that you will surely find at least one that will match some of your favorite outfits. Now the question is, how do you wear a big necklace? Well, here are some of our ideas on that:

  • Wear bold and bright big necklaces against interesting prints

A big necklace that comes in a bold and bright color is sure to stand out when worn against interesting prints such as florals, stripes and tribal prints. This works better if your big necklace is also long enough to drop down somewhere near the chest area to make an awesome contrast with the print.

printed top and necklace printed polka dot top and necklace

  • Wear it with a shirt that has a low neckline

Wearing a big necklace with a shirt or a dress that has a low neckline always works if you want to show off your beautiful statement piece. This combination works best with chunky collar necklaces but you can also wear bib necklaces, too.

low neckline dress

low neckline and necklace

  • Wear it with a collared top

This is a very versatile way of wearing a big necklace as you can wear this style either during the day or at night. For a daytime look, tuck your big statement necklace under the collar of your shirt. This results in a very chic and casual look. At night when it’s time to loosen up and have some fun, you can wear a big necklace without tucking it in under the collar. This look is more fun and carefree and it also has a sort of a sexy vibe to it, especially when your shirt is unbuttoned until about the chest area or when you’re just wearing a top with a low neckline and a collared jacket on top.

collared white top and gold necklace collared top and necklace

  • Wear it with a strapless top or dress

Wearing a big necklace with the right length over a strapless dress can create the illusion that you’re wearing a beautiful halter top. This is achieved when your necklace is long enough to touch just the part where your strapless top begins. A shorter necklace that’s also chunky and big will also work with this.

strapless top and necklace straples dress and big necklace

  • Wear it with a turtleneck

One of the best ways to jazz up your winter outfit that involves a turtleneck top is to wear a nice big necklace over it. Make sure that the color of your necklace makes a great contrast with the color of your turtleneck top to achieve gorgeous results.

turtleneck and big chain necklace turtleneck