How to Wear Statement Rings

Accessories may not seem like much but to a real fashionistas at heart, you know that accessories are what would complete, make or break a good outfit. Regardless of whether you’re dressing down or getting dressed to the nines, accessories play a very special role in your ensemble. There have been so many trends with accessories and right now, what’s hot are statement rings. Those big, bold, chunky, funky, fun and classy rings are yet some of the pieces you will need to complete your outfit. Here are some of our ideas on how to wear statement rings

  • Simple, using just one piece – a casual outfit can look so much better with a statement ring. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with statement rings when wearing a casual outfit. Wearing just one beautiful piece made from non-fancy materials like clay or plastic is often enough. But, if you’re ready to take your style up a notch, some shiny chunky stones won’t hurt.

simple statement ring simple statement ring black

  • Funky, using multiple rings – show off your wacky side and add a really fun twist to your outfit by topping it off with multiple statement rings. The decision on whether to wear multiple rings on just one hand or both is totally up to you. You may want to keep one hand free, if you’ve got your precious engagement / wedding ring on there; otherwise go ahead and make it as funky as you want.

multiple statement rings

multiple rings

  • Sleek, with a ring on the index – there’s something about wearing a chunky piece of statement ring on your index finger that commands so much power and style. Wearing a ring on the index finger is very chic and sleek.

index statementr rings index ring statement

  • Vintage, with fab finds – now, here are three ways you can acquire vintage statement rings: a) rummage through Granny’s jewelry box b) create your own or c) buy one. You don’t necessarily have to go for authentic vintage rings. There are lots being made today which are brand new but designed to look old and vintage, complete with patina and all. Vintage rings are often characterized by intricate details on the metal work and a nice chunky gem as the focal point.

vintage ring peachvintage ring

  • Bold and sexy with layered rings – if you find that wearing multiple rings on both hands aren’t enough of a statement, then it’s time to layer. Layering rings are often done with small and subtle pieces that, when worn together, create a cohesive and bold look. You can often buy rings for layering in sets or you can come up with your own set using pieces already owned.

layered rings layered ring set