5 Must Have Jewelry This Fall to Make You Standout

If you think that you can just wear all your jewelry anytime you want then you’re wrong although technically, you are free to do so. If you want to look stylish, wearing the right accessories with the right clothes in the right season is a must. Updating your fall wardrobe is a fun task. If you’re obsessed with getting your look perfect for fall, revamping your closet is simply not enough. You also have to update your jewelry collection and make sure you get a hold of these must have jewelry for fall:

  • Chunky statement rings –sometimes, all it really takes to complete an outfit, no matter how plain, basic and simple, is one chunky piece of a rocking statement ring. Choose a ring that has dark and warm colors to make it suitable for fall and to make it wearable with most of your fall outfits. Fake oversize gems can instantly glam you up while rings made with intricate details on metal or wood are perfect if you want something less flashy.

statement cocktail ringsvintage statement

  • Bib necklaces with lots of gems and stones –there’s no need to go all out and withdraw all your savings from the bank to get a bib necklace with real gems. Lots of fancy jewelry makers today make cute bib necklaces with rhinestones and other cheaper alternatives to gems and precious stones without compromising looking realistic. This is the perfect jewelry for those special dates you’ve got planned this fall but you can also use it to add more sass to a very casual fall outfit.

colorful bib necklace

bib necklace for fall

  • Gold cuffs – ditch your dainty bracelets and go for the gold cuffs this fall. Gold cuffs are such great statement pieces that they add an instant elegance to any outfit. Again, you don’t have to splurge. You can just go ahead and buy fancy gold plated cuffs.

plain gold cuffornate gold cuff

  • Gorgeous dangle earrings – dangle earrings have great movement and flow. They give off a chic retro vibe but you can also modernize the look by pairing them with the latest and trendiest clothes. You can wear dangle earrings and put your hair up in a bun or a ponytail to show your jewelry off and you’re all set to seize the day in style.

gold leaf danglefall dangle earrings

  • Long necklaces – long necklaces look great when worn against solid colors, peeking through an open coat or blazer. They add such femininity and daintiness to an outfit, especially those that have small, minimal but eye catching pendants on them.

long necklacelong necklaces