5 Trendy Jewelry You Should Own

They say jewelry is always a great investment but that’s not all that it is. Jewelry, depending on what you choose to wear, can lend you a chic, sophisticated and elegant look. it can complete any outfit and make it standout and shine. Most people think that jewelry is expensive but there are actually quite a lot of jewelry pieces out there that aren’t too heavy on the pocket. These are often the kind of jewelry that follows certain trends. They may not be worth much in the future but they’re sure to make you look super fabulous today. Here are the top 5 trendy jewelry that made it to our ‘must have’ list.

  • Michael Kors’ ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ watch – this watch may be an expensive piece to start with but believe me, you wouldn’t want to wear another watch after you get your hands on this one. The Michael Kors ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ watch comes in gold, silver and rose gold. You can get it in midsize but oversized versions, which are super trendy today, are available too. By purchasing one watch, you not only get to be super stylish, you help provide 100 meals to hungry people in need all over the world.

mk watch in gold mk watch

  • Tiffany ‘Return to Tiffany’ heart tag necklace – you can never go wrong with a classic piece of jewelry and that’s exactly what the ‘Return to Tiffany’ necklace is – a classic that every woman should own. This beautiful necklace was inspired by an earlier Tiffany design from 1969. It’s simple and it’s flawless which makes it truly elegant. Though Tiffany is most popularly known for their silver jewelry, this necklace also comes in gold and rose gold.

tiffany necklace


  • Casio digital vintage watch – for some reason, vintage styles keep resurfacing and that includes vintage jewelry. The Casio digital vintage jewelry is another hot trend making its way to the list of jewelry must haves today. This watch features a square-ish bezel and thin gold / silver bands which give it a very retro look. This is perfect for when you want to add something unique and eye catching to your outfit. you can also modernize the look by stacking up bracelets with it to create an arm party.

casio upclose casio digital vintage

  • Pearl earrings – it doesn’t matter what brand / designer you get them from, most pearl earrings look alike anyway. Some pearls are just more highly graded than others but if you’re not looking to turn your earrings into an investment, any pair would do. Wearing pearl earrings is one the simplest ways to add instant glamour and elegance to your look.

pearl stud earrings pearl earrings

  • Knuckle rings – now, we’re down to the most inexpensive trendy piece of jewelry you should get your hands on and that’s the knuckle ring. You can wear multiple knuckle rings on one finger and it would still look cool and hip. It’s a great piece of jewelry to wear if you want something that will go with an edgy and casual outfit. you can get knuckle rings in sets with different designs at very affordable prices. They’re available in a lot of shops in malls and shopping centers or you can also get them online from sites like Etsy.

knuckle ring knuckle rings