All the Rage Friendship Rings

Friendship rings are being worn by both men and women for decades now. In fact, it is more than just a decoration nor a plain accessory. Traditionally, wearing a ring signifies belongingness and conformity to a particular group in the society.

friendship rings for women

Best friend rings symbolize the burning flame of friendship between two people or among members of the circle. Friendship rings further denote appreciation and unconditional support for each other.

Claddagh Friendship Ring

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This Irish ring stands as a monument to love and friendship. The design is stunningly unmistakable. It is guided with the belief that goes “Let love and friendship reign.”  This is one of the friendship rings for women that is traditionally associated with passion and love between couples. However, this more often signifies a genuine friendship.

Barely speaking, this ring comprises two hands holding a crowned heart. Consequently, this holds magnificently varied interpretations. This ring can be worn on three various ways.

If it is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward or toward the nail, it symbolizes freedom to love. Thus, if it is facing inward, it indicates that the wearer is no longer available for new commitment. Lastly, if the ring is worn in the left ring finger, that means plight.

Generally, these rings can be worn in both casual and formal events.

Engraved Friendship Rings

engraved friendship rings

This friendship ring type has a very simple design. This ring slightly resembles those rings that are designed for engagements and weddings. However, that’s the most distinct characteristic that this friendship ring has.

As a matter of fact, due to its elegance and simplicity, the demand for this type of friendship band is unbeatable. Lastly, this is one of the highly- acclaimed personalized friendship rings in the country today.

Beaded His and Her Rings

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This is a friendship ring type that is known for its economical practicality and creativity. This can be worn in normal days but not in elegant and sophisticated evening parties. Of course, it won’t go perpendicular with the graceful dress that you will be wearing on this type of event.

Promise rings are available in so many styles and designs. In fact, the materials that are used in making these friendship rings determine the ring’s meaning.

Religious promise rings symbolizes mutual belief aside from friendship and social acceptance. Symbols like cross, doves and even fishes are the most common details that you can see on this kind of promise rings.

Gemstones are popular material for a friendship ring design. This means beautiful promises of forever that are shared by the wearers of the ring.

Gemstones friendship rings

Friendship rings’ popularity is perceived to be far-reaching every day. Thus, it is anticipated to be on its full swing for months to come as a result of some Hollywood celebrities’ use of this accessory.

Artists like Demi Moore, Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole, Paris Hilton and her friend Lindsay Lohan   are just few of the many stars who are making these friendship rings part of their lives for years now.