Brilliant Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular engagement ring designs because of added magnificence. The halo term comes from the micro paved diamonds that surround a diamond in the center making the center diamond dazzle better. The circle of diamonds around the center one actually makes the center diamond larger and half a carat more in weight.

Among the celebrities with halo diamond engagement rings include Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (who gets to wear the same halo ring of Princess Diana).

Halo rings can be custom-made depending on the design you want such as cushion, round center diamond, princess, or asscher. Most brides-to-be dream to have halo engagement rings because of the sparkling look they give so if you want to put a special detail on your ring, choose halo engagement rings.

A round halo engagement ring dazzles more with the micro diamonds around

Halo engagement ring

This ring is a typical or classical example of a halo engagement ring. The center diamond is surrounded with micro paved diamonds to make the centerpiece bigger and more attractive. Extending diamonds are also placed around the band.

Stunning Halo Engagement ring

A simple round halo ring with lovely band is another halo ring style that women love. The simplicity of the band actually gives highlights to the center diamond and the micro paved crystals around it.

Lovely Halo Engagement Rings

This is a classical halo engagement ring design with added features. Every woman wearing this classical ring will surely dazzle in style.

Antique Halo Engagement ring

Halo engagement rings also reflect colors better. This halo ring creates a rainbow reflection to beat the boredom of diamond luster.

Pretty Halo engagement ring

Aside from center diamonds, sapphire stones can also be placed as centerpieces. Blue sapphire adds color to the ring for a more attractive design.

Blue Sapphire Ring

A darker version of blue sapphire is the actual engagement ring of both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Halo Ring

Blue diamonds around clear ones also add highlight to halo rings. A round halo design is really classic giving this vintage ring an exquisite design.

Sapphire halo Engagement Ring

Halo pave pear shape engagement ring with black diamonds is another classic ring design. Women during the classical times love this halo pear design.

Halo Pave Pear Shape Engagement ring

You can also have one of this halo diamond ring set in gold band. Add style by having spiral band designs.

Halo Rose Gold engagement ring

This ruby inspired halo ring matches fierce women because of the glaring red color. The contrasting reflection of the red ruby and the clear diamonds create a more attractive ring.

Ruby halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings are very stunning so you might as well request these from your future husband or better yet, men should consider giving these to their wife-to-be.