Edgy Celebrity Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are very trendy, edgy and cool. You don’t need super expensive rings with large diamonds because stacking will just simply make simple ring pieces stand out. All you need to have for cool stackable rings are pretty fingers, pretty rings and ability to stack them in a trendy manner. You can actually mix and match various rings, but certain ring manufacturers have intended their rings to be stacked.

Stacking rings make the fingers very edgy and stylish so instead of using a single ring on your fingers, you might as well choose two or more rings to be used.

These stacking rings make the fingers become the center of attraction

Ring Stacking

Using stacking rings is a fun way to show off your jewelry pieces and it is also an eclectic way of wearing your favorite rings. If you want a chic look with a touch of ‘rock’, use stackable ring sets just like these celebrities:

Rachel McAdams and Nicole Richie with their gorgeous stack ring. Note that stackable rings can be placed practically on all fingers.

Celebrity stackable rings

Nicole Richie creates a rock gal look by wearing her stackable ring on her thumb.

Nicole Richie Stackabale rings

Celebrities are spotted in the same red carpet events wearing stackable rings. Solange Knowles, Kristen Stewart and Nicole Richie hits the red carpet with their trendy stackable rings.

Celebs Stackable rings

Eva Mendes wears a Le Vian bangles and stackable rings while posing for a photo in the roof of the Ritz Carlton Hotel on September 13th in Moscow for the Russian premiere of “The Other Guys”. The Le Vian stackable rings are very trendy and can be worn for either a glitzy or a simple look.

Eva Stackable rings

Stackable rings can also be worn in different seasons. Kate Hudson piles on the stackable rings with her awesome summer look.

Kate Hudson Stackable Rings

Mandy Moore accessorized her fingers with several rings in a celebrity event.

Mandy Moore Stackabale Rings

Gold rings can also be used as stackable rings for a more glitzy look. Use stacking rings in one or both hands for a trendy and chic style.

Stackable ring

Cute darlings can also use stackable rings in any events. You don’t need to be rocky alone by using diamond rings for a more elegant ring design.

Stackable rings

Zoe Zaldana poses with her stylish and chic stackable rings. Match the rings with an equally elegant dress for a more chic look.

Zoe Saldana Stackable Rings

Modern jewelry fashion has moved from using single jewelry pieces to wearing complementary pieces that can be worn at the same time such as these stackable rings.