How to Make a Necklace

Necklaces are great accessories that can spice up a boring tube top or a plain shirt. Unfortunately, most necklaces are mass-produced so you can expect to meet somebody wearing the same necklace as yours. If you want to have cheap yet one-of-a-kind jewelry, then here are the steps on how to make your own necklace.

making Diy beaded necklace
 Diy Beaded necklace
This is the easiest necklace to create on your own. Prepare all the items you need, such as jewelry beads, jewelry wire, pliers, and lobster claws.
Put a tape measure around your neck to gauge the length of your necklace. Cut the appropriate length for your jewelry wire. Thread the beads onto the wire, accounting your preference for the color variation and bead style. You can alternate small beads with big ones, or even put a fashionable necklace in the middle.
String all the beads until you leave half an inch of wire for each end. Attach each end on each side of the lobster clasp.
If you want a layered bead necklace, you can string the beads on a longer, second wire. Attach the ends of both necklaces on each clasp for the cascading look that you desire.

how to make beaded necklace
DIY Link necklace

chain link necklace

First, you need to gather all the needed materials for your project. They are: jewelry wire, wire cutter, needle-nosed pliers, lobster clasp, and mineral beads.
Next, cut a one-inch long jewelry wire. Get a bead and thread it to the wire. Fix the ends of the wire in such a way that it forms a circle. This way, you can secure the bead into place.
Cut another one-inch segment of jewelry wire, and thread a bead in it once again. Pass an end of the second wire inside one of the circle ends of the first wire. Curl the end of the second wire so that it’s connected to the first wire.
Do this process repeatedly until you create the desired length for your necklace. Make sure the two ends of your necklace are uncurled. Insert one end to one part of the lobster claw clasp, and the opposite side to another one. Make sure the wire ends are bended in order to complete your necklace.

making a necklace

Here is some more ideas on how to make a  handmade necklaces :

Stylish hand made necklace with different beads 

Diy necklace

Cool handmade link necklace

handmade link necklace

Cute statement necklace , made from green beads

how to make statement necklace

Fashionable crystal necklace

Diy Crystal necklace

Necklace made with shells and beads

how to make sea shells necklace

Handmade dream catcher necklace

dream catcher necklace

cool octopus necklace

cool octopus necklace

Sea shells necklace

sea shells necklace

Stylish black necklace from t shirt

making necklace

Some stylish necklaces can be expensive, but if you want to channel the jewelry styles that you see at your favorite stores, all you just need is some creativity and patience when making your own homemade necklace.