How to Make Beaded and Leather Bracelets

Beaded and leather  bracelets are cute, cheap, easy  and fun to make!  Stylish bracelets enhance  your look  and are the perfect gifts for your family members  and best friends!

Beaded Bracelets – Country pop princess, Taylor Swift always wears her signature arm candies which are the beaded bracelets. Beaded bracelets are made of beads that are super cute and trendy.

taylor swift bracelets


They never go out of style and are a plus factor whenever you have a bad outfit day. They may come in wooden, plastic, resin, crystal or in stones. So how do you make one? Its super duper easy!



To make a  leather or beaded  bracelet, just follow these instructions- How to make beaded bracelets:

Pick out the beads that you want. They may be big or small as long as they go well together, its fine. The tip here is that the colors match. Next, measure up your wrist and cut off your nylon string. Then, lay out your beads and decide on how the pattern should go. You can look up some of the design on the internet for inspiration. Next, you may now start threading them into the string. To finish it off, knot a clasp or lock on to the ends and voila! You have your own personalized beaded bracelet!

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How to make Leather Bracelets

 Leather bracelets are in and we’ll show you how to whip them up in no time! First off, gather all your materials. That includes leather strips or cords, some round beads, thread, clasps, needle, scissors, your flat surface with fasteners to keep everything in its place. Okay, bet we’re all set then.

how to make leather  bracelets

First off, you would have to choose the length of the bracelet, and then cut the leather off. Just make sure you have extra length for some adjustments and when making knots. Knot your leather and thread together and leave a loop on the end. Hold the thread by the knot and just let the needle fall off so it is centered on the thread. Fold your leather into two parts leaving a loop for your button to fit its way through. Now, holding the end of the knot of your thread with the leather, tie an overhead knot so that they are now connected. Just make sure your button or clasp will fit through its loop before tightening the knot. Fasten it now to your work area leaving the thread loose.  Strating off with the thread in the middle of the leather’s two strands, you have to wrap the thread over its right strand working your way to the outside then under right, over the left going outside, under the left and then over the right again. Once you get the basic rhythm of the bracelet, you’ll surely get hold on to it.

Cute leather bracelet with evil eye charms

cute leather bracelets with evil eye charms

Women leather bracelet with silver beads

leather bracelet with beads

Do the pattern five to six times while pulling the thread tighter around the leather bracelet to form its binding. A little note, a few stitches without any beads will secure the thread on the leather. Now, you are all set to add your beads! Add a bead after your thread has passed under the left side of your leather. Hold it between the two strands of leather and stitch the thread over the right, back under the right, through the bead hole and over its left. Bring the thread under the left and another bead to it in the middle. Repeat these steps many times, keeping the beads pulled snugly against the leather. Bear in mind that your stitches all should face the same direction. To close the bracelet, form several stitches without any beads attached to it. Now you are all set to attach your clasp or button to it. You may also add some charms on to the leather cord after you are through. You are now ready to conquer the world with your leather bracelet!

how to make beaded bracelets

making beaded wrap bracelet

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Boho DIY bead bracelets

Boho DIY bead bracelets