How to Make Friendship Bracelets

Spice up your look! –  Instructions on How to make friendship bracelets

            Bracelets are a cute way to splash some color into your outfit. They are also a great accessory either dressing up or down. They are great complimentary pieces and can bring your look from “boring” to stylish.

friendship bracelets

Also, bracelets have been a fashion staple since the early times. Knowing how to make friendship bracelets is a fun and creative way to kill some time. What’s more is that, you get to decide the color of the strings, beads, and the design. You may even give away some to your friends as gifts!

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They will definitely appreciate the effort you’ve put into making them. Bracelets come in different types like, friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, and leather bracelets. These cool bracelets are easy to make and we’ll absolutely show you just how! So dig up all those strings and stones for some little DIY! (You can even do this when you have friends over for a sleepover!)

how to make friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets – Teen superstar Miley Cyrus and A-list fashionista Lauren Conrad are just a few of the celebrities who are a big fan of wearing friendship bracelets. There are loads and loads of friendship bracelets, or also known as thread bracelets since they are pretty much made of thread, you can make as long as you just think outside the box. But for now, we’ll show you one that is pretty simple and costs less.

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First you have to raid your mother’s sewing kit and grab some embroidery thread, some tape and of course, your scissors. Next step is to cut several strands of thread measuring about 24 inches each. Feel free to choose your own colors as long as there are two sets from each color. You may arrange in any order of colors you want but we suggest you mirror pattern of the colors on both sides. Now, gather them altogether and tie a knot at the end, leaving at least 3 inches. Fasten a tape to it on a flat surface. Start on 2 of the outmost colors and make a forward knot or a 4-shaped knot over the second color. Loop them under and the back through the bracelet’s opening. Now pull them up to the right and tighten them. Create the same knot again over each of the color. Carry on knotting like you did on the first steps over each of the colors, towards the right until the last and outermost color has been carried onto the middle. This is only half of the pattern called chevron.

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Picking up the outermost color on the right, you have to make a knot but this time, it’s a backward knot creating a reverse number 4 over the second color. Again, loop it under and its back through the opening. Pull it up and to its left to tighten it. Bear in mind to do this twice over each of the color. Continue doing the knotting to the left until such time that the outermost strands have reached the middle portion. To connect the two halves, you will have to create a backward knot with the two middle strands and tie them twice. You have now completed the first chevron. Continue knotting with the next colors which is the outermost strands. For the first few rows, you need to remember how the color pattern goes but for after that, the strands will just fall in place. Finish it off with a knot and a French braid. If you want to add some sparkle to your friendship bracelets, you can glue in a rhinestone on top of the bracelet and stitch it up with an embroidery thread in between.

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Another way of making easy friendship  bracelets

making friendship bracelets

Cute gold tube bracelets

gold tube bracelets

Friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets