6 Fun Jewelry Making Ideas

Girls love jewelry not only because they’re beautiful or cute but also because the right piece (or pieces) of jewelry can make your outfit look complete and really stand out. There are a lot of options you have when it comes to making your own jewelry.

You can start from scratch and make brand new ones and you can also revamp the ones that you already have sitting in your armoire or dresser to make them more current and stylish. Here are 7 fun jewelry making ideas that are super easy to do:

Crochet chain bracelets

crochet bracelets

Wrap bracelets

                These are very easy to do and there are so many styles and patterns that you can choose from. Basic wrap bracelets are very inexpensive to make and you can make tons of them in without going over your budget. These are very ideal for giveaways, keepsakes, and as gifts. To make basic wrap bracelets, all you would really need are different color thread or cords. You can also experiment with the thickness of the cords if you want but using the same sizes in a single bracelet is advisable. If you want to glam up your wrap bracelets, you can always add beads and even charms to them like macramé bracelets.

Colorful wrap bracelets

braided wraps

Pink arm candies

pink arm candy


DIY Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are very fashionable and glamorous. Some call them statement rings because most cocktail rings are big and bold. To make your own cocktail rings, all you need are a couple of blank rings bases and buttons, beads or gems that are big, bold, bright and eye-catching. Glue the two materials together using hot glue and you have yourself your very own cocktail ring.

Bold, colorful cocktail rings

bold statement rings

Fancy fashion rings

fashion rings

Fabric bib necklaces

Bib necklaces or collar necklaces are quickly becoming a hot trend. These necklaces can be made from metal, beads, fabrics or a combination of all the materials. Lace bib necklaces add a feminine touch to any outfit. Making these necklaces are fairly easy. Simply cut out a pattern you like from lace fabric, harden it with starch, connect it to a necklace chain with jump rings and they’re ready to be worn! If you are eyeing a pattern but it’s on an ugly colored lace fabric, you can always dye the fabric.

Neon lace bib necklace

lace bib necklace

Bangle makeover

You may not be wearing some of your old bangles anymore since they went out of style or maybe you’ve been neglecting them because the prints on them have faded. Give your bangles a makeover so you can wear them again. If you have wooden bangles, you can hand paint them a different design. You can even personalize them and put your name or a quote that you really like. Plastic bangles can be made over, too. You can take Mod Podge Glue and shower your plastic bangles with glitters, let them dry and you have new bangles all over again!

Hand paint your bangles to match any outfit

handpainted bangle

Personalized bangle says ‘carpe diem’

wooden personalized bangles

Beaded hoop earrings

You know how they say you can never have too many of this or that? Well, that doesn’t apply for hoop earrings because there’s just no point in having too many of them since they all look the same. So what do you do with those extra hoop earrings you have? If you have no one to give them away to, then bead them! Just look for beads that are colorful and have holes large enough for them to go through the earring loop.

Cool Diy earrings!

cool Diy earrings

Fully beaded hoops

fully beaded